Super Hero Squad Review: Taskmaster & Deadpool

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Once upon a time, there was an odd little mutant named Deadpool. He was Spider-Man crossed with Wolverine, and everyone loved him. And now he has four different titles.  I don’t understand.

Crazy hero for hire!

Someone at Hasbro’s copywriting department needs to be forced to read some Marvel comics, a few phrases mean very specific things. For example, a hero for hire should be Luke Cage (who we still haven’t gotten) not Deadpool! The first Deadpool figure we got suffered from some major issues in paint, while his second take showed that maybe the design had some issues too. This time around, Deadpool is back and all-new!

Deadpool’s look can best be described as “kind of like Spider-Man.” His red and black spandex uniform is combined with 90s sensibilities of an absurd amount of pouches and straps. He’s a one man army ready to fight. Deadpool is in his modern costume which means he’s got a fancy looking chest strap and his mask has a tuft at the back.

The merc with a mouth is very well equipped with a machine gun in each hand, two swords strapped to his back and a pair of grenades hanging off his belt. Most Combat Heroes aren’t even this well equipped!  It’s also nice to get him with both guns and swords for once. The rest of the details are very well done with sculpted pouches, straps, belts, and even the lines that run along his mask!

Then there’s articulation. In the Super Hero Squad, three points seems to be the average amount of movement. Four is usually really nice, two can be frustrating sometimes. But there is a magic number for the perfect amount of articulation at this scale and Deadpool has it: six points. Besides Storm Shadow and a few of the Mega figures, no one else moves at the waist, shoulders, wrists and neck! Almost all of it is perfect, except his sheathed swords limit his waist, which in turn makes his stability a little weaker than I’d like.

Menacing mercenary with photographic reflexes!

A pairing that actually makes sense! These are getting rare in the Super Hero Squad since Taskmaster regularly ends up either against or teamed up with Deadpool. Possessing a rare gift of photographic memory that’s linked to his muscle memory, Taskmaster is able to watch anyone do anything, and then replicate it provided it is within the realm of human physiology. So he can copy Bullseye’s perfect aim but can’t copy Cyclops’s optic blasts.

Originally intended as the guy who trained super villain henchmen, Taskmaster soon wanted to put his skills to the test and began fighting heroes on his own.  Of course, this usually ends up with him getting beaten because he can’t read robot’s body language and there are a lot of robots in the Marvel Universe. But in all honesty, Taskmaster was never the brightest guy since one time as a kid, he used his powers to replicate a perfect dive into a pool – but never learned how to swim!

Since Taskmaster’s power involves copying others, it makes sense that his look is a mishmash of different heroes and villains too. Taskmaster’s face went the path that his head is a skull and he looks like a far more vicious version of the Red Skull (but, you know, white). His cape and hood could be borrowed from Doom or Moon Knight. His gloves, boots and shield are all taken from Captain America while his left hand is clutching a sword (Black Knight’s), since he’s probably ambidextrous. But more amazingly is that everything on the figure is brand new. His belt, pouches and even the shield design are all sculpted and it’s an amazing look. Taskmaster moves at the shoulders.

The paint is very well done with only a single area on the inside of the bent elbow that doesn’t have as much coverage as I’d like, but you only see it when you look for it because otherwise it looks like a shadow. Taskmaster’s cloak, boots and gloves are done in a pearl white which has a subtle amount of sheen that looks really good. His face looks like worn bone, while his ghastly blue eyes peer out. The orange looks fantastic and the gold and silver just add to the colors. Taskmaster is unique; no one else dares to copy his color scheme!

This is the most popular two-pack in this wave and for good reason. Not only do both characters make sense packed together, but they’re both excellent figures. Deadpool looks great and is loaded with articulation but for me, the real draw is Taskmaster. He just looks incredible. Between the pose, the design and the colors, he’s as perfect as can be for a guy in a cape.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Wave 20
Taskmaster & Deadpool
Spider-Man & Ronan the Accuser
Wolverine & Juggernaut

Written by jestergoblin

September 15th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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