Transformers Robot Heroes: Battle of The Fallen

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The Fallen was an odd choice for the second Transformers movie. He’s relatively new to the series, debuting back in 2006. So instead of giving us the planet devouring monster that could still be Galactus, we instead got a very odd villain that still doesn’t feel right in the Transformers continuity to me.

The Fallen has returned to Earth to claim the Matrix, if he can, then the entire universe will fall to him. With Megatron by his side, he is nearly invincible. Luckily, the two most powerful Autobots are ready to stop them!

Since Hasbro stopped making Mega packs, the only way to get a bigger than normal figure was by including them in multipacks. But oddly enough, the scale got cut back a big and it’s super obvious on The Fallen when standing him next to one of the Sentinels.

One of the original 13 Transformers, The Fallen is the founder of the Decepticons and was reverse-engineered so his head looks like the Decepticon insignia (instead of it looking like Soundwave’s). Being older than time, The Fallen looks very different from the other Transformers. But since this is the Robot Heroes style, he’s gotten an extra bit of cuteness injected into his ancient body.

Mostly black with some silver highlights and red details, his body seems to glow with orange energy. In an odd, but probably necessary move, The Fallen has a silver Decepticon logo on his chest. His spindly body makes him look almost like a gorilla given his behemoth arms and reptilian looking legs. The whole figure just feels different – but in a good way.

Since The Fallen (and yes, the “The” is supposed to be capitalized in his name) and the other original Primes landed on Earth in Egypt, his figure has also been an assortment of classic “Egyptian” touches. The Fallen’s head is elongated, almost like he’s wearing an Atef crown, while his chin definitely looks like he’s wearing a pastiche. For articulation, The Fallen only moves at the shoulders and neck.

When Megatron first showed up in Transformers, he was said to change into a “Cybertronian jet” which kind of defeats the whole purpose of being a “robot in disguise.” After being killed, and then revived, Megatron returned in his second Gen 2 form – a tank!

Tank Megatron still looks unearthly, but at least it looks like a tank. His silver plates overlap on his back, while massive treads allow him to move on each side. A spiked cannon comes out of the center and is show about to launch a giant fireball. Directly underneath is Megatron’s non-grinning visage staring out. I guess Megatron really doesn’t know what disguise means.

He’s lacking any articulation and is shown on a brown cloud of smoke that also features a chunk of a broken road – dotted yellow line included. It doesn’t make much sense, and he’s probably be better without it.

To fight these two menaces, Ironhide has pulled in. In his alternative mode, Ironhide as a truck is definitely on the cartoon-y side. A GMC Topkick C4500, he really just looks like a cartoony truck that should be making Mater from Cars jealous – he’s even got a raise “eyebrow” for a windshield!

Of course, Ironhide happens to have two giant weapons attached to each side – a chain gun on his passenger side and a rocket launcher on his right. Ironhide is hollow and also attached to a dust cloud that makes a little more sense, since it could be he just made a quick turn.

The only traditional Robot Hero is Jetpower Optimus Prime. Wearing the corpse of Jetfire, a Decepticon-turned-conscientious-objector, it’s a very disturbing suit the more you think about it. It would be like wearing the skin of a dead person to get their powers. But then again, when the Transformers first landed on Earth they thought vehicles were the dominant species so they clearly aren’t the smartest beings in the universe.

Optimus Prime is covered in a charcoal colored suit of armor. His legs are broader, his arms have blasters now mounted on them and he’s sporting an impressive set of wings on his back making him look like a harbinger of death. Underneath it all, you still can the classic red and blue Autobot. Though now the insignia is on his wing, which means someone must have made the effort to paint it onto Prime after he gutted an old robot!

Articulation is standard with Prime moving at the shoulders and neck. He’s also standing on a cloud of dust being made by his jet engines on his back. In this case, the cloud looks like an oatmeal cookie.

Like all of the Hasbro Heroes multipacks, the backdrop doubles as a display area. Since the final battle takes place in Egypt, the background shows off two of the pyramids while there are popup columns and a higher stand for a figure to have the upper hand on.

For fans of the movie, this is a fine multi-pack but it’s begging for some additions from the two packs. The Fallen looks great, but he doesn’t come with his staff weapon. But two good guys and two bad guys makes it a fine jumping on point for any Robot Heroes fan. Now if only Unicron had been released in this scale.

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December 29th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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