Super Hero Squad Review: Armored Spider-Man & The Rhino

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Given how many figures Spider-Man has in the Super Hero Squad, it’s amazing how many of his costumes have been shown off. What’s even more amazing is how few actual costume variants Spider-Man has had since he was created. He’s got his classic red and blue and his black suit. All the other ones have only appeared in an issue or two but are fondly remembered by fans.

Armored, charging villain!

Rhino already got a figure, but this time around he’s in his classic suit instead of the technological Ultimate version. Rhino isn’t the most exciting guy when it comes his look – he’s a big guy wearing a suit that looks like a rhino! But that suit helps the raging animal-themed bad guy (then again, a lot of Spider-Man’s foes are animal themed) since while he has super strength, he also has super invulnerability!

Posed like he either just rammed through a wall or ripped through Spider-Man’s webbing, Rhino isn’t really articulated – he just moves at the waist. The rest of Rhino’s sculpt is fairly basic but works well. He’s just a big, muscularly guy. His feet have three gray markings on them; his mask has two red eyes and a horn. That’s it; everything else is just him being big.

The paint is almost non-existent since most of the figure is cast in the gray-brown color that makes up his entire costume. His face is well painted, but like the Juggernaut his eyes seem oddly far apart.

Battle-ready web-slinger!

Armored Spider-Man has appeared on the cover of a single issue of Web of Spider-Man #100. But while that issue was the only appearance of it since it ended up getting melted, it’s remained a popular version of the suit to show off on covers. Or in the case of the 90s Animated Series, it was turned into an Iron Man-like suit that an alternative version of Peter Parker wore.

The Armored Spider-Man suit is pretty much the classic Spidey costume but what was blue is now black and what was red has been turned into silver. But to make it work, Spidey has a bit more bulk to him. He also got shoulder pads for some reason.

To create the webbing look, the armor is made up of individually sculpted segments. He’s also wearing some silver rings on each finger to allow his punches to pack a little more punch. Spidey’s pose is one we’ve seen before, but with the added bulk the figure looks much more menacing and ready to brawl. Both hands are clenched in fists and the silver on silver eyes look great. In fact, all the paint is perfect which is a big surprise since there’s only black and silver.

But where this Spider-Man figure excels is in articulation. Spidey moves at the shoulders, waist and neck allowing for a bunch of great poses. Combined with the fact that he’s in a brawling pose and doesn’t have some weird pre-set way to stand, he looks great. His shoulders do limit his neck movement.

If all Spider-Man variants were as good as Armored Spider-Man, I’d have no problem with an army of Spider-Men! And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other awesome variants possible for Spider-Man. Rhino looks great in his classic costume and is a fine addition to Spidey’s rogue gallery.

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November 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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