Super Hero Squad Review: Avalanche & Astonishing Beast

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The X-Men have it rough. They try to be heroes in a world that hates them and when they aren’t getting their memories wiped by their leader, they’re getting their butts kicked by some new baddie. But what seems really weird is how many of the X-Men villains seem to stand ground against a team of highly trained mutants and yet the X-Men still struggle to beat them.

Earth-shaking mutant villain!

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is almost complete with the addition of Avalanche to the Super Hero Squad (now if we could only get Toad). Originally a Greek immigrant, Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis got recruited by Mystique when she learned about his ability to generate seismic waves to cause earthquakes.

Avalanche is wearing his classic armored costume designed to protect him. With a look created by John Byrne, Avalanche has a timelessness about him that makes him look like Jack Kirby could have designed him. Massive shoulder pads make Avalanche look like a cross between the Juggernaut and a football player. He also probably buys accessories at the same place as Apocalypse, because he’s also sporting the giant A belt buckle.

Avalanche doesn’t have a power that’s easy to show off in toy form, but Hasbro got creative. His left foot is stepping on a chunk of rock which is a great way to show off his powers – much like how Magneto comes standing on a metal sphere. Avalanche moves at the shoulders.

The paint on the costume looks good, provided you’re okay with his powder blue and pearl color scheme. But the weird part is his face. When looking down at an angle at the figure, he looks fine. But when you look straight ahead at him, he looks concerned instead. It’s an odd facial expression for a villain.

Furry, acrobatic super-genius!

Beast has shown up a few times already in the Super Hero Squad, but this time he’s based on his Astonishing X-Men look – if Emma Frost had longer hair, we’d have the whole team! After Grant Morrison’s run that introduced Secondary Mutations, Emma Frost turned to diamond and Beast became more cat-like.

With Beast being more animalistic, he got a new and different kind of pose that reminds me a lot of Sabretooth only it works. Hank McCoy is balanced on his left hand and left foot. Beast only moves at the neck and right shoulder, allowing a few variations of the same pose.

Beast is much furrier this time around too and the sculpt looks great in that regard. His awkward looking leotard is accurate, but still seems really weird since it’s a very low v-neck and the sides go up to his armpits. But there’s something about his face that just seems off. He isn’t catlike enough and instead ends up reminding me of the Wolf-man.

The paint is well done with the yellow having mostly strong enough coverage so his blue fur doesn’t turn the suit green. The rest of him is just cast in blue plastic.

Very slowly the X-Men rogue gallery is getting filled out. Avalanche is a fine figure and brings us so close to a complete Brotherhood. Beast is interesting and a decent attempt at something different but his figure’s face just feels really off to me for some reason I can’t quite place.

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November 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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