Super Hero Squad Review: Tombstone & Spider-Man

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Most of Spider-Man’s enemies take animal inspired themes for their costumed identities, but when Spidey isn’t dealing with the local nut jobs, he often finds himself at odds with organized crime. Of course, some of those in organized crime are just as crazy.

Crime busting wall-crawler!

Spider-Man isn’t really anything new, since this figure has been released twice before – once in his movie costume, once in his black movie costume. This time though, the wall-crawler is in his classic comic costume. It’s red, blue with black webbing and looks really good.

Since Spider-Man spends a bunch of his time crawling around, getting him mid-crawl is a fun, different way to get him. Sure, he can’t do anything besides crawl on the ground since his shoulder and neck joints don’t do a whole let for changing the pose but it’s a solid variant of Spider-Man that actually makes sense.

Superhuman street fighter!

Tombstone looks like a terrifying undead enforcer, but white skin and red eyes are just because he suffers from albinism – which is even more noticeable because he’s African American and grew up in Harlem. But once he grew to be bigger than the kids who picked on him, he began using his bulk to get what he wanted by force. After gaining super strength and durability, Tombstone filed his teeth into fangs and his hands into claws and became an underworld enforcer. He also happens to be near mute and illiterate.

But as exciting as all of that stuff is, Tombstone is best known for being a big albino that looks like the undead. And this figure doesn’t exactly get that across. From paint choices to sculpting missteps, Tombstone just doesn’t feel quite right.

First is the size, Tombstone should be a towering figure but this guy just feels dinky. He should be about the size of Thor, not Captain America! Another weird thing is that he is completely lacking bulk; his arms and waist are exceptionally skinny. His outfit reminds me of the costume her wore in the Spider-Man animated series and would be at home on any DC street tough. But I often think of Tombstone as wearing a suit.

Tombstone’s mouth is a minor nitpick, but just shows pearly whites – not his filed fangs. Articulation is another oddity. Tombstone only has two points, his neck and his right elbow which doesn’t allow for much in regards to posing or playability.

The paint isn’t bad and is well applied but the colors seem oddly chosen as well. Tombstone’s skin tone is a very light blue instead of the white it should be. His eyes are also orange instead of red for some reason. The really weird thing is, while this figure isn’t too accurate, it still is immediately recognizable as Tombstone.

As a two-pack, this one makes a lot of sense. Tombstone’s relationship with Peter’s editor, Robbie Robertson, makes him firmly planted in the Spider-Man mythos. But his figure just doesn’t feel right to me. Spider-Man is a fine repaint, now hopefully that sculpt won’t get re-released for a while.

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Written by jestergoblin

October 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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