Super Hero Squad Collector’s Pack #4 Review

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If there’s a trend in the Super Hero Squad Collector’s Packs, it’s that the odd numbered ones aren’t that exciting while the even numbered ones are really good, and apparently impossible to find! Gearing up for the Avengers movie, this six-pack almost makes too much sense as a set.

Repulsor-powered Avenger!

The least exciting figure in the pack has to be Iron Man. In the span of three months, this figure has been released four other times already! Tony looks to be identical to the one that came packed with Doctor Strange in wave 19. He’s standing upright, staring straight ahead with one hand in a fist and the other one up and ready to repulsor.

The sculpt still looks great even if the armor is some weird amalgam of every armor Iron Man has ever worn. It’s got the shoulder pads of the Silver Centurion, the triangular arc reactor of the Mark VI and looks an awful lot like his Extremis suit. Iron Man moves at the shoulders and neck.

Iron Man’s paint is passable but not very exciting, especially when compared to the excellent job done in the SDCC exclusive pack. His armor is red and gold, his eyes, reactor and repulsor are white and he has ever so thin black eyebrows. He’s a good figure, but getting released five times in three months seems excessive.

Magical villain devoted to evil!

Enchantress is one of those figures that fell through the cracks at Hasbro and went missing for a few years before finally getting released. She’s also a figure people have been clamoring for since the Super Hero Squad kicked off. Completely unarticulated like most females in the line, Enchantress is posed with her hands up in the air ready to cast a spell. Her costume looks good, but it’s little more than a corset, leggings, a crown and some weird armored, fingerless gloves.

The paint on Enchantress is a mixed bag. The circles on her legs look incredible, but where her hair meets her crown, it’s messy and looks chipped. Another odd thing is that her face is clearly sculpted with a mouth, that her painted lips don’t match up with so be sure to watch for that.

Hammer-throwing thunder god!

Thor is a very minor repaint of his wave 18 release. He’s slightly too big for me, but it’s a great representation of his classic costume. His arms are still oddly stiff at his sides, but there’s no denying that this guy isn’t Thor. Thor moves at the shoulders and waist, but his cape blocks the waist from fully rotating.

The only differences in paint are the slightly different shade of blue used for his pants and his eyes. Thor’s eyes are slightly off center, which makes it look like he’s looking upwards. It’s one of those weird errors that actually makes sense and helps set him apart from his creepy looking other version.

Evil god of mischief!

Loki hasn’t been seen since the blink and you’ll miss it wave 5. Another basic repaint, this Loki actually looks different. He’s still sporting his massive horns and weird fabric ponytail. He’s squatting like the classic Hasbro Heroes figures and is pointing with his right hand which is perfect for this god of mischief and chaos. Loki still moves at the shoulders, neck and waist.

The big change is the paint. Instead of neon green and bright yellow, Loki has been recolored in slightly more down-to-Asgard tones. He’s decked out in golden armor and forest green. It’s slightly more subdued but looks perfect. It’s amazing how just changing the color of something can make it go from foolish to cool.

Strong enough to crack the Gates of Asgard!

Usually whenever Hulk gets a release, there’s a big risk of it being an awkward figure. Thankfully, this is one of those times Hasbro actually made something that makes sense. Hulk is in his punching the ground pose that looks excellent (except for the unfortunate extra toe) but this version of Hulk had only been released in the Hulk Super Hero Squad. So his three figures had him wearing blue pants, brown pants and as the gray Hulk.

But this Hulk is done in his classic bright green and purple pants color scheme! It looks perfect and this is the best Hulk figure released to date. Sure, it’s a basic repaint but the pose, the mass and the perfection of it make him a fantastic gamma-radiated hero! Hulk moves at the waist, neck and shoulders.

Massive enemy of all Asgardians!

Since the original Mega Packs have been discontinued, Hasbro threw Ultimate Hulk into Collector’s Pack #3, and they’re doing it again with this one. An unnamed Frost Giant, this mega figure towers above the average Super Hero Squad figure but isn’t quite as big as the older ones like the Sentinel and Giant-Man. The frost giant stands about five inches tall and moves at the shoulders and waist.

The frost giant is an odd figure since he’s kind of an army builder, kind of not and just feels out of place in the Super Hero Squad since he doesn’t really look like a Marvel character. To be honest, he looks like he belongs in the old Fisher-Price Great Adventures line. But he’s a big blue giant with ice weapons and on that level, he looks great.

The frost giant is covered in little details like scale mail covering his waist, an ornate helm with massive horns and assorted golden rings in his beard, hair and mustache. He’s even sporting a single gold earring. His shoulders have spiked pads and his forearms and feet are wrapped.

Each fist is permanently clutching a weapon cast in clear, soft plastic. His right hand has a massive axe which is about the same size as Iron Man while his left is grasping a giant spiked, ice club. The frost giant moves at the waist, shoulders and wrists.

Like the other collector’s packs, this one also includes packaging that doubles as a carrying case and a playset. Instead of being either the Avengers Tower or the X-Mansion, it’s a snow-covered battlefield with two ice cliffs and Bifröst, the rainbow bridge, leading to Asgard. It’s a nice change of scenery and works great. Though I don’t know how well the packaging holds up as a carrying case since it is just cardboard.

Hasbro seems to have found their stride with these collector’s packs finally. Giving collectors Enchantress and a frost giant is great while Loki and Hulk may be completely perfect. Sure, Iron Man and Thor aren’t terribly exciting but here’s a box that includes the three big Marvel heroes who make up the original Avengers and they made this an awesome Asgardian fight! For collectors, you’ve got great additions and only two worthless figures but for kids you’ve got the almost the complete Avengers line-up, two super-powered villains and a giant frost giant! If you see this pack, pick it up because it’s just about perfect.

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Collector’s Pack #4
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October 13th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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