Action League Deluxe Pack Review: Chemo & Batman

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My knowledge of the DC Universe isn’t nearly as impressive as what I know about Marvel or the Ninja Turtles. Basically if it wasn’t in Batman the Animated Series or the Justice League cartoon, I don’t know a whole lot about it. But sometimes you don’t need to know anything about the figures to have a great toy.

Batman needs to use caution while battling the toxic terror known as Chemo.

Since the Brave and the Bold Action League is targeted towards a younger crowd, Mattel gets to stretch their absurd Batman costume muscles. Some people hate weird Batman variants that don’t make sense, but my first Batman figure was the dreaded Arctic Batman. For me, if I’m going to get a Batman variant, I want it to be weird, really weird.

This pack definitely does with what I’ve named Hazmat Batman. A kit bash of the underwater Batman body with jetpack Batman’s legs and the standard angry looking head, the sculpt is all stuff we’ve seen before. The articulation is standard too with Batman moving at the neck, shoulders and waist.

What really sets him apart is the color scheme. Batman looks like he stepped right off a shelf in the early 90s with his neon orange suit. It’s a hideous piece that I like far too much. Much like the Spider Splasher, this is a toy I can’t help but smile at. Both wrists have little yellow and orange circles, the logo on his chest looks great too. All the paint is perfect except the underside of his half-cape on the left side is unpainted.

But no one is buying this set for the neon colored Batman, the big draw is Chemo. Chemo is a sentient, quasi-humanoid shaped vat of miscellaneous chemicals. As to why someone built a vat shaped like a humanoid, that’s completely beyond me. But that doesn’t make him any less of a cool toy. Chemo has only had one other figure before this as a DC Universe Collect & Connect figure.

Just under four inches tall and six inches wide, Chemo looks great in the Action League style. His giant torso with spindly limbs make him look like a giant monster. Chemo is based on his “modern” look that debuted 13 years ago in the pages of Supergirl. He’s mostly green with a few metallic-looking parts. In a lot of ways, there isn’t much super exciting about the exterior sculpt. His squiggly mouth looks great and his visor is appropriately evil looking. His hands, feet and harness aren’t terribly exciting but all work well. Chemo moves at the shoulders, waist, ankles, wrists and visor. I love that his mouth doesn’t move but his eyes do, allowing him to really look like a monster.

But what really makes Chemo work is how he’s made. With only his eyes and mouth painted, the rest of the figure is just in two colors of plastic. The copper color looks great and looks like armor. But the translucent green is incredible because inside is sculpted with bubbles so he looks like a giant vat full of ooze. It also allows his armor to be seen and it all just looks really, really cool.

This pack has been impossible for me to find at the retail level since far too many stores have been left with a bunch of Gorilla Grodd packs. But if you’re a fan of this scale, this is a fantastic set to get. Sure, Batman looks absurd but I love it. As for Chemo, he’s a giant slime green monster – what’s not to love about that?

Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League
Deluxe Wave 3

Batman with Batcopter
Batman & Chemo

Written by jestergoblin

October 15th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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