Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Bumblebee & Longhaul

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Having recently rewatched Transformers: the Revenge of The Fallen, that movie throws so many different robots onto the screen that half the time I haven’t a clue who they are. So according to the packing this pack includes Bumblebee and Longhaul. I’ll take their word for it.

Bumblebee may be the most popular mute robot ever (not that he has much for competition) and he keeps getting new Robot Heroes toys. Sure, it makes sense since the old figures aren’t on shelves, but what is really amazing is how much of an improvement there is on these new Robot Heroes.

Hasbro finally got right the cross of cartoony and Bayformers designs and Bumblebee looks intricate. Bumblebee is crouching on the ground and his whole body is covered in gears and plates. There are even multiple areas where you can really tell his alternate form is a car, like the hood chest, tires on his shoulders and doors as “wings” on his back (why do you think his name is Bumblebee?). Bumblebee moves at the shoulders and neck.

The color choices are a mixed bag. I love the shade of golden rod used for a majority of his body, but the rest of him is a dark, metallic blue instead of black and it just ruins the look for me. I mean, he’s supposed to be yellow and black, like a bumblebee! Also for some reason his mouthpiece is silver. At least he’s got his tiny Autobot insignia on his forehead.

To fight the muted Autobot is Longhaul! One of the Constructicons that make up Devastator, Longhaul has a great look to him. Designed by Josh Nizzi originally as a piece of fan art, Longhaul feels big and bulky. You can’t really tell he’s supposed to have an alternate form of a dump truck (technically a Caterpillar 773B). But there are tires on his back and ankles and giant girders on his forearms. It’s a really good look.

Longhaul moves at the neck and shoulders. His whole look seems to be more intricate than Bumblebee’s, but that might be because he isn’t crouching down.

What makes me love Longhaul though are the colors. Mostly metallic green with just a few red highlights for the eyes and shoulders and a few blue pistons, Longhaul reminds me of a robotic version of Raphael – especially with the snarling face! The paint is minimal overall but works really well.

These new Robot Heroes show a world of difference from the first attempt. They’re better detailed, better proportioned and much more accurate. Sure, Robot Heroes aren’t in scale with any of the other Hasbro Heroes lines, but they’re great representations of the Transformers.

Written by jestergoblin

October 21st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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