G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Ice Viper & Snow Snake Eyes

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Action figure variants fall into three different categories: worthwhile and well executed, thoughtless and dumb, and so incredible awful they’ve crossed back in to being good again. This set falls into the first category since at least it’s a screen accurate look for the G.I. Joe’s resident ninja.

Snake Eyes is dressed up in his arctic gear. Instead of the classic all black suit, the silent assassin looks more like Storm Shadow. Wearing snow pants and a fur lined parka with a snow camouflage paint scheme, Snake Eyes actually looks a lot like his movie counterpart. Though for some inexplicable reason, his mask and visor are gray instead of black.

Posed with his sword drawn and gun pointing, Snake Eyes has a smirk on his masked mouth (which makes even less sense, unless he got a mask specially made that’s smirking). It’s a fine generic pose, but there isn’t much else to do with the figure. With only shoulder and waist articulation, Snake Eyes feels really immobile. His coattails prevent his legs from really moving while his arms are bent so there isn’t much there either.

The paint is crisp and clean. He’s only got black, dark gray, light gray and white colors. But it works for this assassin in the arctic.

On the side of Cobra is a brand new piece of cannon fodder – the Ice Viper! Dressed in a delightful one-piece, pale blue snow suit, the Ice Viper doesn’t look like the biggest threat to the G.I. Joe forces. In fact, based on his color scheme, he isn’t even well disguised!

Posed kneeling on the ground and aiming his generic silver gun, Ice Viper isn’t mobile. His left arm moves a few degrees and that’s it. He’s forever stuck in a crouch but luckily it looks good. But I would have loved some waist articulation.

The paint is good but uneventful. He’s just mostly light blue with some darker fringe and while details. Beyond the silver gun, visor and red Cobra insignia, he’s just blue and white.

Two snow-themed guys packaged together make a lot of sense and while the colors on the Ice Viper may be a little out there, it’s makes the face off of the two figures more interesting visually. Neither figure is super exciting, but a movie accurate variant and a troop builder make this pack better than it deserved to be.

G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra Combat Heroes Wave 2
Scarlett & Cobra Neo-Viper
Breaker & Civilian Storm Shadow
Snow Storm Shadow & Ice-Viper
Accelerator Suit Duke & Para-Viper

Written by jestergoblin

November 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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