G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Duke & Para-Viper

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Once the G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra Combat Heroes were confirmed, it seemed like someone at Hasbro made sure that there were plenty of army builders for Cobra to make up for the lackluster number in the original Combat Heroes line. But this meant more than just making some Cobra Vipers and calling it a day, they went all out with land, sea and air.

The Para-Viper is a fascinating figure. When looking for a creative way to show off the fact that he’s just falling, the figure is impeccably balanced on a cloud. Free falling forward the Para-Viper is always balanced – no matter how the arms and waist and posed.

The level of detail sculpted into the figure is mind blowing as well. An elaborate harness, oxygen mask and chute all look great. But even little things like the folds in the fabric on the arms to the treads on the boots. The whole figure is just really well thought out and execution in an innovative way.

At first glance the paint doesn’t look that impressive but the differences of black, dark gray and silver are all perfectly done. The blue visor and red shoulder pads add just a hint of color that makes the figure pop.

Duke has already gotten two movie versions (desert gear and impact suit) but this time he’s in his brand new accelerator suit. A suit of armor that looks like the cross between Iron Man and Master Chief of Halo, the accelerator suit wasn’t originally well-received by fans of the franchise who thought it was too modern. Turns out they were only used in like two scenes in the whole film.

Duke’s face looks fine but isn’t the most accurate (and I still think it looks like Norman Osborn with normal hair). The only odd thing is the complete lack of neck. Duke moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint isn’t exciting but works well. The suit is just charcoal and a very dark green, but it’s all clean and accurate. His chest has a white G.I. Joe insignia on it. The face has the iconic scar, but for some reason he’s looking up. Which makes sense since he’s fighting an aerial opponent, but the Para-Viper and Duke see eye to eye.

I’m still in awe of how well the Para-Viper came out. The fact that he’s perfectly balanced really impresses me and the level of detail on the figure just shows someone really wanted to make something unlike any other Combat Hero. Duke is a variant and one that makes sense, but it is kind of weird that he didn’t come with a helmet.

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Breaker & Civilian Storm Shadow
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Accelerator Suit Duke & Para-Viper

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November 10th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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