Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Starscream & Springer

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With the Transformers films, some characters got major redesigns while others were more of the same. At first glance, it looks like Starscream got changed completely but the more I look at him, the more I realize he’s pretty much the same guy.

Starscream spent years trying to take Megatron’s place as leader of the Decepticons. That storyline was kind of mentioned in the movies, but seeing as most of the time when Starscream spoke it was weird, garbled Cybertronian, you never had a clue what he was saying. While you never understood what he said, Starscream looks really interesting.

He actually looks a lot like a gorilla. His torso is oversized and his giant arms drag on the ground. Posed like he’s kneeling, Starscream doesn’t look like he’s ready to fight, instead he looks like he just lost a fight and is begging for forgiveness. It’s a very fitting pose for the coward.

Articulation isn’t too exciting with movement at the shoulders and neck. But given his kneeling pose, he always looks like he’s groveling since his head is at a slight downwards angle.

This Starscream is the “battle damaged” variant of his original figure. So he’s covered in some random Cybertronian symbols which don’t look so much like battle damage as just horrible tattoos. I’m sure they mean things like “Peace” or “Luck.” But the paint really helps convey the imagery of Starscream looking like an ape. His large purple mouth and red eyes remind me a lot of Rafiki, the mandrill-baboon, in The Lion King.

On the side of the Autobots is Springer, who is such a popular character that he didn’t even show up in either of the Transformer films. But somehow he still got a toy made. Originally one of the triple-changers, Springer is supposed to be a V-22 Osprey helicopter. I don’t really see it in the robot mode.

Then again, I don’t see anything beyond the hideous chunk of lime green plastic he was cast in. This figure is ugly. On top of that, the sculpt just feels so much weaker than most of the Robot Heroes, it’s like he was only half finished before getting thrown into production.

Articulation is another oddity with Springer only moving at the shoulders. He’s just a really weird looking figure no matter how you pose him. The paint doesn’t do much either since there is so little of it. Far too much of this figure is just lime green and hideous.

And really, neither of these figures are that good. Starscream looks okay, but his weird tattoos don’t make any sense. Springer is even worse since he isn’t in the movies and really looks like a Happy Meal toy.

Written by jestergoblin

November 12th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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