Adventure Heroes Review: Mutt Williams & Irina Spalko

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Like the other packs in the second wave of Adventure Heroes, I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the fourth Indiana Jones film. That means I have only the vaguest idea of who these characters are and don’t feel like reading some long-winded summary on these characters. I’m guessing we’ve got a good guy and a bad guy.

Mutt Williams looks to be what you get when the Fonz is crossed with Shia LeBeouf. He’s probably a delinquent of some sort given the fact that he’s wearing a leather jacket and holding a switchblade in his right hand. The dull gray ringer t-shirt underneath looks fine, and the belt on his jacket looks a tad absurd since you can see his actual belt underneath it. But the oddest design choice has to be his pants – which are rolled up above his boots. Maybe there’s a reason for this, but it clashes to me. Mutt also has a pair of black gloves in his back pocket.

The similarity to the actor that played him is about what you’d expect in any of the Hasbro Heroes lines – non-existent. The face is young-ish, the hair is wavy and the figure doesn’t look like anyone in particular. Articulation is okay with Mutt moving at the shoulders and right wrist.

The paint work is very well done. The skin paint is thick enough so none of the black plastic shows through, the silver buttons on his jacket look amazing. Even the face looks great.

With a name like Irina Spalko, I’m assuming is a Russian and probably with the KGB. If GoldenEye taught me anything, it’s that all Russians are with the KGB. Wearing a gray military uniform, she’s a good looking figure. The costume has fantastic sculpted folds with some fine boots and gloves that feel more utilitarian than sexy.

Irina’s right hand is grasping a sword while its sheath is on her left hip. In a shocking twist, Irina was played by Cate Blanchett in the film which doesn’t come though at all. The face with short hair and pale blue eyes looks nothing like the woman who played Galadriel. But the face, like Mutt’s, looks really well done and works. Articulation is limited with the only joints being the shoulders.

The paint is impeccable once again. The black accents on the uniform look great and the golden buttons and buckles are all perfectly centered. This might be some of Hasbro’s best painting.

Sure, I don’t know a thing about these two beyond the actors who play them. But Mutt is a fine 50s-era figure would work fine as a time-displaced Combat Hero or even just a generic thug for Spider-Man to take down. Irina looks like your standard evil villainess with a sword. There isn’t much exciting about her, but she too would fit in fighting alongside Cobra Commander or Red Skull.

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December 7th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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