Adventure Heroes Review: Indiana Jones & Ugha Warrior

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Some toys I judge based on how well they represent the character; others are based more on just how good of a toy they are. So when it comes to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I only know who Indiana Jones is. Everyone else is just random extras, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

Indiana Jones seems to always find new ways to show up in his Adventure Heroes line. This time, he’s going for the dynamic quick draw down on one knee. It’s a great looking pose, provided it’s exactly perfect. And for some reason, Hasbro gave Indy four points of articulation allowing him to look really weird.

The sculpt looks good too, aside from the realization that his massive revolver was supposed to come out of that tiny holster on his hip. Other than that, he looks like all the other Indy figures. Brown coat, fedora, khakis and shoes – nothing is out of the ordinary.

Paint is the same as always too. Four different shades of brown, linen and skin tone (along with stubble) make for a very colorful monochromatic figure. Only his gold belt buckle and silver gun add any real contrast.

Evidently Indiana Jones found himself at odds with some natives again. The Ugha Warrior is a lot like the Tribal Warrior – generically ethnic and wearing minimal clothing. The Ugha Warrior is more detailed through, with elaborate scarring on the head, arms and torso. The figure really gives the sculptor a chance to show off their skill are doing a human body and looks really good.

The outfit elements are few and far between. Beyond a few bracelets and a loin cloth, there isn’t much there. A few pieces of bone jewelry are also on the figure. The face is interesting though since the figure has extended ears! It looks great. In the right hand, a hammer-hatchet-pickaxe-thing is held.

Articulation is weird again. The warrior only moves at the neck and waist. Like Indy, the neck is at a weird angle and only looks good when looking over the right shoulder. The paint is about as colorful as Indiana Jones’ – a lot of brown, a lot of tan and a tiny bit of black and white. It’s all well done; there just isn’t much of it.

This pack feels a lot like the Tribal Warrior one, but it lacks all of the charm of that set. Instead, you get a pack of a white guy aiming a gun at some jungle native. That’s kind of awkward, especially without any context. Neither figure is bad, but neither of them is that exciting either.

Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes Wave 2
Colonel Dovchenko & Indiana Jones with the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones & Ugha Warrior
Mutt Williams & Irina Spalko

Written by jestergoblin

November 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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