Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man Saves the Day

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When I first got Secret Wars and Secret Invasion Super Hero Squad 4-packs, I was really excited. But the whole time I had them, something was bugging me: the continual fact that the unreleased wave before those had continued to elude me. So for my birthday I bought myself the Winter Soldier Saga and this pack, Spider-Man Saves the Day. Now only Kraven continues to be out of my grasp.

Spider-Man has battled his entire life to keep his loved ones safe, but sometimes even his best isn’t enough. Two of his most dangerous enemies have kidnapped Mary Jane! They’ve got her captive in a position too precarious for the wall crawler to take any chances.

Based on a lack of retailer interest, these four packs never got released in the US and ended up coming out overseas instead. Oddly enough, all of the packaging is done for a US release so it looks like these figures got made and then no one ordered them.

Spidey’s high-flying, bomb slinging nemesis!

Norman Osborn is my favorite comic book character ever. So when his goblin persona got an odd redesign for the Spider-Man movies, I was less than thrilled but any goblin is a good goblin. But for an unknown reason, there hadn’t been a classic Green Goblin figure released in the Super Hero Squad. In fact, the only non-movie version we got was an awkward repaint of Hobgoblin!

Green Goblin is the main reason I bought this set (even though his figure is supposed to be getting a re-release very soon). But this Goblin is massive and looks just about perfect. Green Goblin is standing upright while riding on his classic Goblin Glider. His right hand clutches a pumpkin bomb while his left is in a fist, ready to pound a certain wall-crawler. The costume is fantastically done and just as absurd as it needs to be – elf booties, pointy ears, a weird sock-shaped hat, the giant grin and the goblin satchel!

Moving at the neck and shoulders, the Green Goblin isn’t the most mobile figure ever and the addition of a waist would have been greatly appreciated. But the overall look and design is great for Spider-Man’s arch nemesis.

The paint is well done. The green is vibrant and contrasts nicely with the purple, while the brown bag and orange pumpkin bomb all are crisp and clean. Even the metallic color used on the glider looks great.

Able to take on any shape he can imagine!

Sandman has shown up a few times already, and this version of the dirty villain is a minor repaint. Really minor – like so minor that all that was done to make him different is he has new eyes. Otherwise, Sandman is just the same. He’s still sporting his green striped shirt and khakis (which transform with his body, that’s why he’s always wearing them). Sandman moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint isn’t as impeccable this time around. His mace hand and sloppy right foot only have a single coat of brown paint. The lack of a wash is really noticeable but he’s still a fine representation of Flint Marko.

The wall-crawling, web-slinging wonder!

Spider-Man is another repaint, but is one of the few Super Hero Squad figures to come with a removable accessory. This Spider-Man comes attached to a lamppost which is a great addition to the Avengers Super City playset (Hulk needs something to swing at Abomination after all, right?). The lamp is light gray on a dark gray sidewalk with a grate. It’s not exciting, but little extras like this really increase the playability and allow Spidey to be in a classic pose.

If this Spider-Man didn’t come with the lamppost, he’d still be the best Spider-Man figure released in the Super Hero Squad.  Very heavily influenced by Todd McFarlane’s design, this Spidey has giant eyes and is contorted into a very classic Spider-Man pose – that works both on and off the light!

Spidey moves at the shoulders, neck and waist and looks great. His costume is the classic red and blue with inlaid webbing designs that come out from a light wash. He’s the almost perfect Spider-Man, because the repaint actually has better colors.

Spider-Man’s girlfriend – smart, beautiful, and tougher than she looks!

The final figure is the one that is the most elusive – Mary Jane Watson! Peter Parker’s long term girlfriend who then became his wife, only to have that get removed after making a deal with Mephisto to save Aunt May’s life.

Unarticulated, MJ is in her classic outfit of tight khaki pants and a black tank top. It’s not the most exciting but she wears it well (maybe a little too well). But it’s her classic look and works great. It’s simple and clean. Mary Jane is holding Spider-Man’s mask in her left hand.

The paint is good, especially on the outfit and mask. But the shade of red used for her hair looks more “plastic red” than “hair red,” but it isn’t too distracting. Her green eyes and slight smirk make her absolutely adorable.

This is easily my favorite 4-pack in the Super Hero Squad. Sandman isn’t exciting, but Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Mary Jane Watson are all incredible figures. But Spider-Man has gotten a rerelease and Green Goblin is on his way too. So that just leaves MJ as the only missing piece. I’m really glad I have this set, but it’s damn hard to find now and you’re going to want to think hard and long to figure out if she’s worth the extra cash.

Written by jestergoblin

November 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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