Robot Heroes Review: Optimus Prime & Blackout

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One thing about Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen that really bothered me was Optimus Prime’s fetish for ripping off faces. When he did it to Blackout in the forest fight, it was awesome. But when he did it to The Fallen and yelled, “Give me your face!” it got kind of awkward.

The new version of Optimus Prime feels like he’s part of a completely different toy line than the first Robot Heroes figures. He’s big, bulky and detailed. Brandishing both of his energy blades, Prime looks like he’s ready for a brawl. But beyond the new weapons, the big difference in Prime is the level of detail.

Optimus Prime is covered in plates with bits and pieces all over him. His head looks more like a helmet and the figure is much bulkier. If he were standing straight up, he’d tower over many other Autobots like he should. Optimus Prime moves at the shoulders and neck.

There’s a lot more paint this time around too (except for the oddly barren back). The flame detailing has been subdued so instead he has large red plates that look a lot better. Throw in the silver details on his chest, feet and elbows and the figure just feels more complete. Prime has an Autobot insignia on his left shoulder.

Optimus comes paired up with Blackout again and he’s just a repaint of his first figure. And it’s a really weird repaint. Blackout went from being a black helicopter to being a periwinkle robot. It may be one of the least threatening colors I’ve seen on a Transformer. To make it worse, he’s covered in bright blue details. Sure, he’s still got the red eyes and some black coloring but he looks like he’d be at home for a child’s tea party. One last weird thing is his Decepticon emblem is on his blades, which really doesn’t make any sense.

The sculpt is okay but clearly is showing some age when compared to Optimus Prime’s new look. He still moves at the shoulders, but the missile launchers and helicopter blades make them almost useless while his neck is near impossible to move. But with the lighter shade of blue, Blackout really looks like a ghost now.

I’m not sure what Hasbro was thinking when Blackout went from being black to periwinkle, and I definitely prefer his original figure. Prime is a fine upgrade but would be even better if he had normal hands. But at least the pairing makes sense!

Written by jestergoblin

October 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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