LEGO Kingdoms Court Jester Review (7953)

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Growing up I went through a few different phases in toys. When I was very young, I just barely was on the He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe group and was quickly swallowed up into TMNT-mania. Then I became a Marvel Zombie. But during all this time, a single toy line continued as an undercurrent: LEGO. For over a decade, I bought LEGO and loved them – at one point my parents kept them all in a kiddy pool so I wouldn’t have to continually clean them up.

But then around my 25th birthday, I realized I hadn’t bought any LEGO sets in a decade. Of course, given the cyclical nature of LEGO saying I remember buying some astronauts, some knights and some ninja isn’t saying much at all. But then during one of my regular toy runs, a single LEGO set caught my eye and my obsession was instantly rekindled.

A little LEGO court jester!

The Court Jester amuses and entertains the King and his royal courtiers with his amazing juggling act, comical antics and jokes!

Part of who-knows-what-number iteration of the LEGO Castle theme (known just known as Kingdoms), the LEGO court jester is basically a glorified minifigure. Clocking in at 22 pieces and quite possibly one of the easiest sets ever to build, nothing about this set is terribly exciting, aside from the fact that it is a LEGO jester!

The figure is your standard minifigure. He moves at the shoulders, wrists, neck and legs and of course can be ripped apart with ease! Decked out in some fine red-and-white patchwork, the jester looks great. His legs and arms alternate colors which really add to the figure.

The head is an open-mouthed smile with bright, big eyes. And LEGO seems to be one to something because when you turn the head he becomes sad and crying. It’s very well done and a genius way to add more play value. The jester is also wearing a large red and white jester’s cap.

For accessories, the jester comes with three 1×1 rounds in red, white and blue. They’re supposed to be juggling balls, but they don’t really work that well. But if you stack them, they look like a firecracker popsicle!

The rest of the set is a miniature stage for the jester to stand in. It’s a brown platform with a red and white archway along with a red and a gold banner hanging from the top. There’s not much to it, but it helps add to the figure. This definitely looks like something you’d find in a village fair. It’s small, compact and seems like something that could quickly be assembled.

In terms of actually assembling the set, there’s nothing here that would be tricky or confusing. It’s about as easy as you can get and that’s what you’d expect from a $4 set.

But I absolutely love this set. Sure, I’m a tad biased towards jesters to begin with but once I discovered that LEGO had made some orc and dwarves sets too, I knew this was going to be a lot of fun.

Written by jestergoblin

November 23rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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