LEGO Kingdoms Wizard Review (7955)

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Swords and magic are a great theme that fit in perfectly with the LEGO universe. So once I spotted the Court Jester, I began grabbing other small LEGO sets to add some oddities to my little LEGO collection. And since I’ve always enjoyed wizards, I figured getting a green one wouldn’t hurt.

This bearded wizard consults his magic book and uses his magic wand to conjure up mystical magic potions and spells!

Wizards are hardly anything new and I remember regularly shopping at Toyland in Yarmouth, Maine or at Play and Learn during the Cumberland Fair. One little set I remember getting was a gift from my papa after showing some sheep, and it was Majisto and his Magic Shop. It was small with a blue wizard, an odd tree fort and a couple of accessories. This pack feels much in the same vein but really shows how much prices have increased.

The Dragon Wizard is the latest take on the magical bad guy in the LEGO world and he certainly looks the part. There isn’t much too him though, he’s a regular minifigure that’s mostly dark green. His torso is bare which looks a tad odd, but his legs are intricately painted with a belt, fastenings, a bottle and some blade on a chain.

His regular face is an angry looking gray bearded man, but most of it is hidden by his black beard. His hat is the standard wizard hat but done in dark green and painted with a bronze dragon and a black strap with bronze buckle. He also has a magic wand which is just a brown stick.

Like the Jester, the Dragon Wizard gets some minor accessories. The first is a simple brown table, which isn’t terribly exciting. He also comes with two potions, one green and one yellow. The design is a smart little way to make them look like beakers. The wizard also comes with a familiar in the form of a little green dragon that perches on the table. It’s a nice change from the normal birds.

The other accessory is a scroll on a stand. The stand isn’t anything super exciting but does its job well and consists entirely of dull colors. It’s also adjustable for better viewing. The scroll itself is a flat, painted 2×2 with a picture of a dragon on it and the text “You are far more powefull than you would ever imagine…” Yes, there’s a typo on it.

The Dragon Wizard is a fine little set that is basically just a minifigure with a few extra accessories. On his own, he doesn’t do much but once he has a castle to live in, he’ll be great and ready to move his magical trinkets in.

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December 1st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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