LEGO Atlantis Manta Warrior Review (8073)

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LEGO seems to have four main areas for their sets: on land, in space, underground and under the sea. There seem to always be aliens, pirates, knights and some aquatic adventure happening. I remember when Aquazone first kicked off and slowly grew into a complete undersea world and once the Sting Rays and Hydronauts came out, the only place left in the ocean to go was deeper: Atlantis.

Treasure-seekers beware – lurking behind this seaweed-covered rock is a fearsome Manta Warrior, prepared to battle anyone who dares to search for the long-lost sunken city of Atlantis!

After years of only having human LEGO figures, LEGO opened a can of worms when they released the Ghost. Then they released a skeleton. And since then, non-humans have been getting all kinds of coverage. Gone are the days of me having to take odd-shaped LEGO bricks and use them for alien heads!

The Manta Warrior is a regular LEGO figure with an odd helmet to give him an inhuman look. Cast in almost entirely navy blue with the exception of black hands, the figure’s body isn’t terribly exciting. The only pain work is on the chest which looks vaguely like either armor or a vest that’s worn out and covered in barnacles.

The pale gray head has alien-looking eyes along with blue lines to show off folds in the skin. There is also a white area that could be some aquatic mouth or a nose, you can’t really tell but it all looks appropriately inhuman. The helmet is what makes this figure the Manta Warrior though, with barbs, fins on the side and a toothed-pincers, it’s a great look. The helmet is also covered in Atlantean runes.

For an accessory, Manta Warrior comes with a golden trident. It’s barbed at the hilt and looks pretty good. It could easily work as just a weapon or a nice piece of treasure surrounded by gems and gold coins. It does seem just a touch too short though.

Since this is more than just a single minifigure set, the Manta Warrior includes a building part: a rock. Yep, he doesn’t get some fun stage or event an underwater gizmo – he just gets a gray and dark gray rock with a piece of seaweed floating up. It’s 9 pieces in all and not terribly exciting. Though I find it weird that LEGO has yet another seaweed piece.

LEGO minifigures seem to be approaching a price tag of $3 a pop, so paying a dollar for 9 more pieces seems about right for this pack. The figure looks great and would work fine as either an undersea opponent or some intergalactic force. Sure, the rock isn’t exciting but it’s a useful touch that makes a lot of sense.

LEGO Atlantis

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