LEGO Space Police III Review: Squidman Escape #5969

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Space Police have been around in LEGO for as long as I can really remember. The first time they sought the nefarious Blacktron members. Then a few years later, Space Police II happened and they continued to keep the galaxy safe from Blacktron Future Generation. But a few years ago, LEGO returned to their space epic and instead of starting up where they left off, the story had continued the entire time and now the third generation of Space Police were facing very different threats.

Squidman is on the loose! Attention all Space Police units! The infamous Squidman has stolen a fortune in space-credits, and he’s on the run somewhere in the solar system. It’s up to you to track him down using the Space Police Raptor, catch the crook, and toss him back into galactic jail!

Squidman claims to be the last of his kind, but the third series of LEGO collectible minifigures seems to throw that claim into question. Utilizing LEGO’s willingness to make non-human heads, Squidman looks great. His green body looks icky and covered in slime. His head though is completely new with his long alien tongue and bulging red eyes.

Squidman wears a classic LEGO cape that looks rather festive in bright red. Sadly, his chin prevents his head from turning but the rest of his articulation is in tact. The only accessory Squidman has is a crisp 100 credit tile.

Over the years, it seems like the Space Police have been making better and better suits. Decked out in dark gray, the agent looks great. Detailed with padding and armor, the figure is clearly prepared for a fight. His chest emblem is a dark badge with a star on it. Even his back is painted with his radio and capsules on his belt.

The face shows a calm, collected agent wearing a headset and glasses. But if you turn the head around, he’s terrified – like he’s about to run into a wall! For headgear he gets a black pilot’s helmet like the Traffic Cop with a black visor. Since this policeman isn’t in outer space, he doesn’t need an air tank.

The Space Police Raptor is a small vehicle that seems to be a cross between a Jet Ski, motorcycle and space ship. Mostly white, you wouldn’t know it was a police vehicle except for the red and blue bricks on the front. The construction is simple but has some creative elements like attaching bricks sideways.

A ratcheted joint connects the front and back pieces, giving the vehicle a bit of lift that creates the illusion it is floating too. At the front are two green cones that act as freeze rays, which somewhat explains the lack of weaponry in this set. A total of five stickers had to be applied to the set as well which is a shame. Also, if the Space Police manages to catch Squidman, where is he going to put him?

At $6, this is a perfectly fine set. Squidman is a great looking alien and the Space Police agent is a fine intergalactic protector. The Raptor isn’t a bad vehicle, but not terribly exciting. Maybe it’s just because when I think of Space Police, I think of large scale intergalactic adventures and not a guy chasing a squid on a flying motorcycle.

Written by jestergoblin

April 2nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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