LEGO Holiday Review: Winter Village Bakery (10216)

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After getting the LEGO Holiday Toy Shop, I began looking for other sets for my mantle-side village. Then LEGO released a set that couldn’t have been any more perfect for me: a bakery. Any long time readers remember when this website wasn’t about just toys, but also had recipes and random ramblings. Of course, those are now found elsewhere on the internet.

Return to yesteryear with this festive holiday scene!

It’s a winter wonderland in this snow-covered little town! A special-delivery evergreen, all ready for decorating, arrives at the tree-seller’s stand by horse-drawn cart, while ice skaters frolic on the frozen pond with colorful lights and a curious owl perched overhead. Just look out for the freshly-shoveled snow piles – one skater has already tumbled in head-first! At the bakery nearby, the friendly baker prepares delicious holiday treats in his oven and rings up sales at the cash register.

The winter Bakery takes a different design from the toy shop, but the two look great with each other. A simple two-story bakery with a large glass window showing off goods and a large door, the bakery is quaint and adorable. The snow-covered roof is appropriately festive with Christmas lights and wreaths decorating the bakery.

Inside is a simple display case, a cash register and a large stone oven for baking. The alternating blue and tan tiles make the inside look finished. One odd aspect is the counter where the register is the colorful designs aren’t locked in place and fall out way too easily!

To match its winter kin, the Bakery also includes a light up LEGO brick that illuminates the display case in the front of the bakery. The cupcakes, breads and croissants all look delightful basking under the orange glow. Sadly, the second story is cramped beyond belief and only has enough space for a single brown box.

Expanding beyond just the Bakery, this set also includes a frozen pond for LEGO figures to skate on. Clear blue and decorated with snowy themes like pine trees, a wooden bench and hanging lights with a snowy owl roosting, it’s a fine addition. For a piece of winter-time fun, a pair of LEGO legs are stuck in a snow bank like a figure fell over. It’s a nice touch, but I wish the rest of the figure was available. Unattached LEGO legs weird me out.

The other part of the set is a stand selling Christmas trees. A simple brown, wooden stand with a blue and red awning, it’s cute, quaint and quiet. Clipped to each side are a shovel and a broom for cleaning, while a sign denoting prices is attached to the top. To deliver the trees, the set includes a horse drawn carriage. A brown horse, wooden wheels and gray siding that can be adjusted – along with a wreath attached to the back for festive cheer!

In addition there are a bunch of citizens to populate the scene with! The baker himself is in the classic LEGO chef garb with the chef hat and white jacket. He also comes with a tray of cupcakes to share. A woman in a red dress that looks suspiciously like a bathrobe has long brown hair and a generic female face. She comes with a wrapped present, either for the baker or from the baker.

The severed legs aren’t alone in the snow bank since two more ice skaters are included. First is a blonde woman in a gray jacket – if you ask me, she looks a tad underdressed for this weather. Attached to her feet are pointy LEGO bricks for ice skates. The other skater is a little kid with short tan legs with skates attached and plain black shirt. His face is grinning (the same head as the Jester) and he’s clutching a camera in his hands to get evidence of his friend’s misfortune.

The Christmas tree salesman would easily double as a bank robber or a winter construction worker given his beanie hat and orange overalls. His face is a generic smile but the look is appropriate since anyone working with Christmas trees is bound to get covered in pitch. To deliver the trees is a driver who looks exceptionally plain. His blue jacket and jeans topped off with a black conductor’s cap don’t make him a stand out, but he fits in fine with the set. His face is just a bearded man wearing glasses. The final figure is another kid wearing a parka. His smirking face is mostly hidden being the wooly jacket, but it works. He comes with an apple to feed the horse.

This isn’t some incredible set that blows me away, but I love the simplicity of it. As someone who grew up in New England, seeing people ice skate and selling trees from a stand isn’t anything out of the ordinary and that’s part of why I love this set so much. Sure, I wish a torso had been included for the poor chap in the snow bank, but what I love more is how perfect this set is for me above the fireplace. I now have a bakery next to a toy shop made of LEGO, could there possibly be a better combination of my interests?

Written by jestergoblin

December 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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