Mystery Mates Review: Caveman Scooby & Velma

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As awesome as the monsters have been in the Mystery Mates sets, the humans and Scooby-Doo haven’t been all the exciting. Shaggy had a bunch of burgers, while Daphne and Fred are suspiciously absent but there’s the fifth member of the group: the nerdy Velma.

There’s no polite way of saying this, but the Velma toy looks like an old man. Like she’s the cross dressing version of the Mole Man. That’s made even more heart wrenching by the fact that Velma was played by the gorgeous Linda Cardellini in the first movie. Sigh.

Clutching a random book, Velma looks right enough from the neck down. She’s wearing her baggy orange sweater with a pleated skirt, and knee high socks. It all looks right enough, but it is kind of weird that her skirt pleats aren’t painted black like they’re animated since they aren’t deep enough to really cast a shadow. She’s also completely unarticulated like all of the non-monster figures.

From the neck up, Velma is just hideous looking – and this is coming from a guy who loves girls in glasses. The fact just looks wrong. The smile goes too deep and makes her look wrinkly and the eyes seem just too far apart. It’s down right creepy.

Since Scooby-Doo can’t seem to wear the same thing twice, this time he’s dressed up like a caveman for absolutely no reason. Wearing an oddly detailed one piece that looks like it belongs to Fred Flintstone; Scooby-Doo is wearing a bone necklace (probably for a snack later) and clutching a massive club.

He’s unarticulated as always and just doesn’t make any sense. There is absolutely no connection between these two figures, which is a shame because this Scooby would make sense with the Snow Beast (and getting a T-Rex made of snow would be totally awesome and put Rex further to shame).

This is easily my least favorite Mystery Mates two-pack so far. Scooby isn’t any worse than any of his other oddly dressed versions, but Velma is just such a failure. If she had been colored differently, it wouldn’t look like her. There was bound to be a dud somewhere in this line and I think I just found it.

Written by jestergoblin

November 6th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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