Super Hero Squad Review: Bullseye & Scarlet Spider

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It’s amazing that Hasbro decided to pack together two figures that represent both the best and the worst of what Marvel has published over the last four decades. So half this set is the high point of Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil, while the other half is the physical embodiment of the Clone Saga.

Mercenary with perfect aim!

Bullseye has always been paired up as Daredevil’s nemesis since his introduction in the mid-70s. But it makes a lot of sense to have the character with super aim be the foil of the blind guy who has super senses. Recently, Bullseye is best known for taking the Hawkeye mantle in the Dark Avengers, but he was originally made famous for killing Elektra.

Bullseye is wearing his classic costume; it is navy and white and looks like he stole it from a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. A few stripes on each limb along with a mask that resembles Captain America. Bullseye is surprisingly skinny, but unlike Tombstone, the look works.

Clutched in each hand is a sai, which is the biggest issue I have with this figure. Often when Bullseye is fighting with a pair of sai, he stole them from someone (usually Elektra). This is a figure that should really show off who Bullseye is, by including something trivial like a playing card (or is that too much like Gambit?). Plus he isn’t even posed to make it look like he’s throwing, and since he only moves at the shoulders, there isn’t much for modification.

The paint is all very well done. The white on blue looks great and is crisp and has excellent coverage, so there’s no bleed through. His forehead logo is absolutely perfect. His eyes are a tad off though, but I kind of like it because it makes him look extra crazy.

Peter Parker’s heroic clone!

Part of me loves the Clone Saga – well, at least the idea of it. Sure, it is a huge mess and made far more complications for Spider-Man. I definitely recommend you check out The Life of Reilly by Andrew Goletz for an incredibly in-depth behind the scenes look of what really happened.

But Ben Reilly already got a figure in the Super Hero Squad based off his New Spider-Man costume that he wore when he took over for Peter Parker. But when Ben first showed back up in New York City after hearing about Aunt May being sick, he didn’t have a costume and had to make one on the go. So he grabbed a red spandex suit and ripped the sleeves off a blue hoodie that had the spider emblem on it and called it a day.

But since it was the 90s, Scarlet Spider needed to have some extra straps and pouches. So he had pouches on his ankles and built impact web shooters, based on the idea that if Peter Parker wasn’t so busy fighting all the time, he would have come up with amazing new technologies too. He also is capable of sensing Venom with his spider-sense since he never bonded with the symbiote.

If this is interesting, well who knows when Ben Reilly may return. Sure, he was killed by the Green Goblin but with Brand New Day, anything is possible. Then again, the Initiative launched the triplets who call themselves the Scarlet Spiders.

Well, almost anything – even Brand New Day can’t save this figure. The sculpt is great, he’s got solid articulation at the shoulders and neck and has a fantastic paint job. But the pose is awful.

It’s beyond awful.

He isn’t crawling, he isn’t doing anything. Scarlet Spider is impossible to stand and instead awkwardly balances on his hand/s and foot/feet. It doesn’t make any sense! I honestly have no idea how Hasbro thinks this figure should work. The only reason he isn’t the worst figure in the line is because crouching Hulk is that bad (no, not the awesome crouching Hulk).

Bullseye is definitely a must-have figure. He looks good, he looks right and he belongs right in between Daredevil and Elektra causing havoc. As for Scarlet Spider, Hasbro tried something different and this time it didn’t work. I’d love for them to try again with Scarlet Spider, but since we haven’t seen any other figure posed like this, it looks like Hasbro learned their mistake.

Written by jestergoblin

November 7th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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