Super Hero Squad Review: Thor & Thorbuster Iron Man

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The more I think about, the more convinced I become that most of the issues the Avengers face are a result of their own in-fighting. But not all of them can be blamed. Sure, both sides may have been at fault with Civil War, but Iron Man seems oddly paranoid about his fellow heroes. He’s like the Batman of Marvel.

All-powerful storm god!

Thor is back again in his modern outfit as a rather bland repaint. He still looks good and if you missed out on the Ares two-pack, he works well. But for the most part, they’re near identical.

Thor is still wearing his chainmail armor and outlandish red cape. He’s still helmeted too. The only real difference besides skin tone, which isn’t that different, is the swoosh of his hammer. This time around, it’s cast in clear plastic. Last time it was a vibrant translucent blue that looked incredible. Now, it’s just kind of bland.

And bland is the best way to describe this figure. Without the extra burst of color, Thor just isn’t that exciting. He moves at the shoulders, right wrist and waist. He still looks like Thor, but there just isn’t anything about him that makes him a worthwhile variant.

Armored to battle the god of thunder!

Tony Stark really has some trust issues. Sure, Batman knows how to be a dick but his character is built around planning for everything. Tony seems to be ready for the moment his friends turn against him, but doesn’t have a clue how to beat bad guys half the time. I mean, how often does Ultron take out Iron Man first? Of course, the second Hulk gets a little angrier than normal, Iron Man has several different suits to choose from that are all specially made to fight him!

So Thorbuster Iron Man is a suit specially made to fight Thor. It isn’t a suit specially made to fight people who control electricity, just Thor – who hadn’t turned evil or shown any tendency to be evil! It debuted in Iron Man (vol. 3) #64 and was powered by a magical Asgardian crystal. But in a twist of irony, Thor destroyed the armor a few issues later.

Modeled after the Destroyer, Thorbuster Iron Man looks like a cross between Iron Man, Colossus and a giant magnet. Mostly yellow coils with a red vest and tuning fork on the forehead (who knew Black Bolt was such a trend setter?); it’s an odd looking suit. The design screams Iron Man though. The best part about the figure is the size of it, it feels larger than the regular Iron Man – which makes sense since it’s a suit of armor designed to go toe-to-toe with Thor, so it’s going to take a beating.

Articulation is just the shoulders and neck, so Iron Man can look like he’s punching. Or he can look like he’s standing in victory. But even posed like he’s about to hit looks neutral enough that it’s a fine addition to the armory. In a lot of ways, the paint is pretty much non-existent. He’s almost entirely a metallic yellow with some red on the torso and the back of the hands. His eyes are painted white too.

As a two-pack, this one makes a lot of sense. Sure, the Thor figure in this pack should have technically been the Lord of Asgard Thor. But this is a better version of Thor than that one. He isn’t a bad figure; he’s just an uninspired repaint that looks weird with clear lightning on his hammer. Thorbuster is another fine addition to the armory and is a comic-accurate design, so that’s better than some of the other weird suits that have been released.

Written by jestergoblin

November 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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