Super Hero Squad Review: Silver Surfer & Human Torch

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Recently, it’s become popular for classic heroes to pass off their mantles. Bucky became the new Captain America (even though both of them had been replaced before), Dick Grayson became the new Batman and there have been plenty of Green Lanterns running around. But this isn’t anything new; in fact the Fantastic Four took pretty much a carbon copy of a classic hero for themselves.

Cosmic-powered galactic guardian!

Norrin Radd has shown up three times already in the Super Hero Squad, once paired with Johnny Storm, again in a super shiny chrome finish and in that weird Silver Savage. This time though, the Silver Surfer got a whole new sculpt and some articulation! Riding on his epic cosmic surfboard, the Silver Surfer is crouching down with one hand gripping his board and the other reaching out. Both shoulders rotate.

His face is looking off into the distance and Silver Surfer can detach from his surfboard! The board is skinnier this time around and is blasting off of a blue, starry cloud that looks really out of place. For some unexplainable reason, the foot pegs on the board are a different size so no one else can ride the board!

Paint is to be expected, he’s completely silver with white eyes. The cloud is the only spot of color but it doesn’t add anything to the figure.

The hottest super hero around!

Everyone knows about Johnny Storm, but I’ve reviewed Johnny Storm enough so this time I’m saying the figure is Jim Hammond – the original Human Torch! A synthetic android that debuted in Marvel Comics #1 in 1939 along side Namor, the Human Torch was a super hero that for some reason would burst into flame when he came into contact with oxygen. Over the years, he teamed up with Namor and Captain America to fight during the war. His biggest claim to fame in the Marvel Universe: he killed Hitler.

The Human Torch is just a guy on fire and this figure certainly looks like that. Cast in translucent plastic that starts red in the fed and fades to light orange at the tips of his flames, he looks a lot different from the other Torches that have been released – but like most of them, he’s unarticulated.

The figure feels far too bulky to be Johnny Storm, so making him Jim Hammond makes a tad bit of sense. Paint is minimal with just a few of the “flame lines” on the chest, face and legs along with a pair of yellow eyes.

It’s kind of weird that these two figures have come together before, but this time both of them are brand new. Neither of them are the best versions of either character, but they’re fine stand-ins. But I’ll do anything to justify buying the same pack twice, so counting one of them as an obscure Timely Comics hero is fine by me.

Written by jestergoblin

November 13th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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