Super Hero Squad Review: Green Goblin IV & Spider-Man

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In the grand scheme of things, Spider-Man’s rogue gallery is oddly represented in the Super Hero Squad. His movie line released a handful of villains but most of them in their movie costumes or weirdly modern ones. But after the line’s cancellation, Spidey and friends got thrown into the Super Hero Squad – of course Spider-Man tended to show up far more than his supporting characters.

The web-slinger’s ultimate enemy!

It took fourteen waves (nineteen if you also count the Spider-Man ones, but ignore Hulk, Iron Man and Wolverine) for a comic book version of the Green Goblin to get released in the Super Hero Squad. But instead of getting the unreleased Green Goblin, Hasbro released a repaint of Hobgoblin and called it the Green Goblin. And based on the packaging text, it’s pretty clear this is being sold as Norman Osborn.

And it’s a terrible Green Goblin figure. Sure, the colors work well enough but the look is all wrong. The cape, the hood and the bronze glider just don’t feel right. It just feels like a cheap cop-out to throw another figure on the shelf. Even the packaging drawing looks nothing like the figure!

But I don’t think this figure is Norman Osborn – I think it’s the fourth Green Goblin, Phil Urich (yes, the nephew of Ben Urich). After accidentally stumbling upon a weapons cache of the second Green Goblin, Phil ingested a revised version of the Goblin Formula that gave him the standard set of super powers – but they only worked when they came into contact with a catalyst in his costume’s mask, which also happened to be able to emit a sonic powered “Lunatic Laugh.”

But unlike the other Goblins, Phil used his powers for good. During the events of Onslaught, his gear got destroyed in a fight with a sentinel and he had to hang up his cape and started a self-help group to help teenagers get over being costumed heroes.

As the fourth Green Goblin, this figure isn’t bad. The cloak and cape suddenly make sense and actually work, though he should technically be bare chested and have red eyes. Green Goblin moves at the shoulders and waist. This time around though, he’s glued to his glider which actually works better since Hobgoblin had a tendency to pop off.

Spider-powered protector!

Spider-Man is also a repaint of the figure that originally came with Venom. That figure was flawed beyond belief and amazingly, this one has fixed almost every single issue. The sculpt is decent but instead of getting a wash, he’s gotten actual painted lines. It also means all of his limbs move without breaking off! So his arms and neck move without complications.

The biggest improvement is the simple fact that Spidey’s feet don’t look like they were melted off in some horrible accident. He’s got all of his toes again. The only thing about this figure I still don’t like are the weird, perfectly circle eyes. Sure, it’s probably more realistic but there are better heads for the webhead out there.

At the end of the day, this pack has two repaints, neither of which are essential. Sure, Spider-Man is a vast improvement of his last release, but there are much better Spider-Man figures out there. As for the Green Goblin, it’s a lot like the first Human Torch, turning him into someone else makes him feel like a slightly ingenious way to reuse a mold. But no matter how you cut it, he’s clearly just a cheap repaint.

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November 15th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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