LEGO Castle Review: Dwarves’ Mine Defender (7040)

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LEGO orcs and LEGO dwarves are now part of the Castle mythos. If these things weren’t so expensive on the secondary market, I’d be buying them by the dozens to make two more competing kingdoms. The dwarves have clearly been digging deep in search of mithril or some other valuable ore. Taking a page right out of The Lord of the Rings, this set just screams classic fantasy and it’s great – provided you love fantasy. The mine defender is a cross between a giant catapult and a bladed monstrosity.

The front are three adjustable blades that move up and down and spin when the Defender rolls across the floor, it’s not perfect since it works by a single rubber band. The catapult attachment works by pulling on a chain that fires a rock. It works better than the spinning blades.

The console just has a single lever hidden behind a shielded area for the dwarf to drive. The dwarf looks great with his red-blonde beard. The beard is a new piece with the beard in two sections in the front and pulled together in the back. His navy torso contrasts beautifully with his short, brown legs giving the figure a nice bit of height difference. The torso has scale mail on it, but the only paint application you really see is his crown belt buckle.

The dwarf’s regular face behind the beard shows off some stubble and a slight smirk, but he looks better with most of his face hidden. His silver helmet is winged and seems oddly fancy for a warrior’s helm, but it could be ornamental. Oddly, the dwarf doesn’t come with any weapons like an axe or sword.

To fight the dwarves, this pack includes two identical orcs. Green skinned and wearing brown leather armor that’s asymmetrical with chains acting as improvised armor, they look appropriately savage while still having a semblance of culture to them.

The face looks good with large tusks and massive red eyes glaring out. Sure, getting two identical figures seems like a cop-out, but I figure the armor is a uniform and all orcs look alike to humans. Both orcs get speckled helmets that don’t quite match up with the uniform, but still look good, possibly a spoil of a different war.

For accessories, one orc comes with a giant sword that looks roughly honed. Chunks are missing that make them look well used and abused. The other carries a giant banner that’s dark crimson with a massive, stylized skull. The tip of the flagstaff is five pointed pike.

As one of the only packs that contain a dwarf figure, this is a decent little set that reminds me a lot of the Prison Carriage Rescue set (even though that came out two years later). But one dwarf, two orcs and a giant machine of war for $10? That’s a mighty fine deal especially considering what LEGO figures go for. Now I just need to find more dwarves for my underground kingdom

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January 7th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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