LEGO Minifigure Series 2 Review: the Witch (8684)

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After buying a single little LEGO set, there wasn’t a chance in hell that was a one time thing. In the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to see what else I could find and then I remember Poe Ghostal talking about the blind packed minifigures. So I went to the local LEGO Store and grabbed some packs to see what I’d get.

“Am I a good witch or a bad witch?”

The Witch is a misunderstood person. She just wants to be good, but with all the magic power she has, there are times when she just can’t help being a little bit bad.

For every bad thing the Witch does, she tries to do something good…but it doesn’t always go exactly like she plans. For example, turning the vegetables growing in her neighbor’s garden into candy sounded like a good idea at the time. All of the children in town were happy about it, but her neighbor seemed really mad for some reason!

First up is the Witch! Now witches aren’t anything new to the LEGO world, but this is the first time to my knowledge that a LEGO witchy has been classically-witchy. There was one back with the Fright Knights with the horrible face and single tooth. But this time around the witch is classic: black clothes, black hat and green skin.

The witch gets the LEGO “skirt” piece instead of legs. It’s painted to have a spell book with a frog skeleton on it along with a vial of purple poison. There’s also a poorly mended rip in the seam. The torso is tattered but still uses the recent LEGO paint scheme of evoking the imagery of curves for female figures and it works well. There’s also a brilliant green sash with bronze buckle. Like all LEGO figures, the paint work is impeccable.

The face is green head with a female face making a horrible looking grin that’s perfectly fitting. She even has painted warts and wrinkles! It’s delightful. Her head is topped off with a black hat that has been used by LEGO wizards for decades now.

Instead of coming with a wand, the witch comes with a brown broom which is very fitting for the figure. Also included is a special base which is a 4×3 flat brick that only has pegs in the middle.

I never really got into the blind packaging, and while there are ways to cheat and figure out what figure is what, I loved just grabbing five packs and seeing what I’d get. Of course, I ended up with two Witches, but I’m sure I can some how come up with a creative way to justify to magical twins. If you like LEGO and find them at retail for $2, grab a few. Worst case, you’ve got some really fun desk decorations.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (8684)
The Witch | Pop Star | Karate Master | Spartan Warrior
Pharaoh | Vampire | Surfer | Lifeguard
Mime | Explorer | Skier | Mariachi
Ringmaster | Disco Dude | Weight Lifter | Traffic Cop

Written by jestergoblin

November 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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