LEGO Minifigure Series 2 Pop Star Review (8684)

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The blind-packed LEGO minifigures seem to cover an almost random selection, like they just had a bucket full of ideas ranging from the “so awesome it makes me angry these weren’t around when I was a kid” to the “well, my little sister would have really like this one.” This figure definitely falls into the second category.

“This one goes out to all my fans!”

The Pop Star is at the top of the charts. Her last three albums went platinum and her videos are in non-stop rotation on all the music channels. She travels the world in limos and private jets and has more fans than she knows what to do with.

No matter how famous she gets, though, the Pop Star is still a normal girl who dances around her bedroom singing to the mirror, likes to hang out with her friends at the movies, and loves a good burger and fries!

This LEGO’s attempt at making a figure to really appeal to little girls while their brother plays with LEGO, if my past experience is anything, little sisters tended to like having LEGO themes that didn’t involve alien invasions, undead plagues and giant robots destroying cities.

The LEGO Pop Star is some odd combination of Britney Spears and Hannah Montana. Covered in pink and sparkling silver, the Pop Star seems really out of place in my LEGO collection. Evidently LEGO now also has two different shades of pink. Her legs are bright pink with silver straps on them.

Her arms are bare and her torso is made up of a pink tank top. Using some tricky paint, she’s got the illusions of curves that works great for a LEGO figure, her shirt is even showing off some midriff which seems really accurate, but really weird. Her shirt is pink and covered in silver spots, it looks really good. She’s wearing a few silver necklaces, the biggest of which has a large heart in it.

The Pop Star’s face is open mouthed in mid-song and her face is covered in makeup. Between enough eyeliner, eye shadow and lip stick to cover a dozen LEGO figures, it looks appropriately over the top – she even has a beauty mark! Her hair is light brown and flowing, but it is so large her head can’t move.

Like all figures, she comes with her plain black 4×3 stand. Her other accessory is a microphone, which even has its own paint applications! Very impressive, and just in case you lose one (or need a backup singer) she comes with a second microphone.

I’ve got to hand it to LEGO, here is a figure that I really don’t have much interest in but I can’t help but be impressed by the figure. Throwing one of these into a blind pack is genius because this is a figure that demands a set being built around her. Do I find her super exciting? Nope, but I’m positive I’m not the target demographic. This is exactly the kind of figure that would have made playing LEGO with my sister a lot easier.

Or it would just be awesome to have a giant robot interrupt some pop star’s concert on stage.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (8684)
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Written by jestergoblin

November 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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