LEGO Minifigure Series 2: Spartan Review (8684)

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Some ideas seem so perfect that I can’t believe LEGO never made sets about them. Pirates? Awesome. Ninja? Incredible. Aliens? Out of this world! Even things like castles and knights are really cool. Sure, the town and city sets are a tad boring, but if LEGO knew what most toy lines needed, it was civilians. On the other hand, they completely ignored ancient Geek and Rome!

“For Sparta!”

The Spartan Warrior’s favorite thing in the world to do is fight. He keeps his spear, shield and crested helmet polished and clean at all times, just waiting for the next big battle to start. The problem is that there really isn’t much of a call for ancient Spartan soldiers these days, so he mostly sits around and watches historical documentaries on TV.

Since he doesn’t get to do much fighting, the Spartan Warrior tries all sorts of things to keep himself in fighting shape. He goes jogging every morning, swims at the pool in the afternoon, and even takes dancing classes at the nearby school to make sure he stays fit and trim for the next big battle!

Clearly an attempt to cash in on 300 and the success of various Spartan-themed stuff, but it is a tad late. But I don’t care about being timely, because this is one exception LEGO figure. Completely brand new, this figure looks great. The legs look amazing with a pleated crimson skirt (which does suffer from breakage when he leans too far back). But the skirt is also on the side of the legs and his feet have sandals painted on them on three sides! I remember how exciting it was when LEGO figures first got paint on their legs.

The torso is a painted on bronze chest plate. LEGO made great use of gold paint over dark orange plastic to give the armor an impressive amount of depth. The face is perfect too with a full beard and the angriest looking LEGO face I’ve seen. The twitching eye really takes it over the top.

While most of the minifigures only got an accessory or two, the Spartan gets four pieces. His crimson cape perfectly matches his skirt and sandals. His simple bronze round shield looks great, and his spear is a head longer than a LEGO figure and has its own paint application. The last piece is the Spartan helmet which is golden to match his armor and has the plume painted crimson as well. Oh, he also has a 4×3 black stand.

This figure is exceptional and is easily the high point for this series of minifigures. The accessories are incredible and the paint work is above and beyond any expectations I had. Now if only LEGO will make an entire series of Spartans.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (8684)
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November 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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