Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Megatron & Skids

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The first attempt at the movie Robot Heroes didn’t exactly work out. A few of them looked decent, but some of them were in desperate need of a re-do. One of the most necessary was Megatron, who looked way too friendly.

After getting killed off at the end of Transformers, Megatron got revived and got some redesigns. And somehow became a triple-changer in the process by being able to turn into a tank and a weird alien jet-thingy. But this figure shows off Megatron in his robot mode and he looks a lot better.

Megatron looks like he’s made nearly exclusively out of giant metal spikes. Crouching down on massive legs made of tank treads, he’s a vast improvement over his last attempt. Gone is the toothy grin and instead he’s sporting a visage of pure menace. His bright red eyes peer out from his helmet.

Megatron’s right arm has converted into a giant, spike covered canon that looks fantastic, while his left clawed arm looks awkwardly undersized – like he stole it from Frenzy. Megatron moves at the shoulders and neck.

The paint is well done and surprisingly sparse. Beyond a few airbrushed areas that are silver, he’s mostly the same dark gray color. For some reason his left arm is painted black, which seems kind of odd. He’s also sporting a Decepticon logo on his left knee.

Since Megatron seems to be required to be paired up with a green robot in the movie line, he comes with one of the questionable twins – Skids. I could never write anything better than how yo go re put it over at OAFE about what the twins are and how they came to be. Long story short, they’re caricatures; have been called racist and each look deformed because they shared a spark.

Since Skids and Mudflap shared a spark, suddenly their designs make more sense. The single oversized arm, the different sized eyes and the general look of them being uneven – had the movie gone into that, they probably would have been received better. Skids is in his second movie look, so instead of being part of a pink and white ice cream truck, he’s now a metallic green Chevrolet Spark.

Skids is a weird looking robot. His pose reminds me a lot of Ratchet’s first look. His left hand resting on his left, while his extra long right arm is outstretched with his thumb up. Did he run out of energon and needs to hitchhike? It’s a pose that makes even less sense than the classic pointing look.

But Skids really doesn’t look much like his on-screen model. Sure, at first glance he looks fine but when actually compared, a bunch of flaws jump out. His tire heels are missing, his torso looks all wrong and his shoulder armor is no where to be found! Instead he has two random spikes on his back sticking out. Skids moves at the shoulders and neck too.

The paint isn’t that exciting; most of the figure is cast in a metallic lime green color. A few parts of him are black with some silver details. His blue eyes don’t look quite right and his gold tooth is sloppy. Oddly enough, he has an Autobot emblem on his chest that’s silver and purple.

I’m not sure why Megatron got paired up with Skids of all Autobots – I don’t think the two of them ever interacted in the film. Skids isn’t a great figure, but fans of the movie probably will like him. But the real draw of this pack is Megatron who is a fantastic upgrade over his original figure.

Written by jestergoblin

November 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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