G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Destro & Cover Girl

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In G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra, Destro didn’t really become Destro until the end of the film, so Hasbro had to get creative when it came to Combat Heroes figures. In the end though, it’s like they just said screw it and put everyone’s favorite Scottish arms dealer in the metal mask and called it a day.

Destro’s first movie figure didn’t look anything like the movie’s take on the character. Instead of being a well dressed Scottish man, the figure was just a big, lumbering giant holding a bazooka. This time around, Destro looks more like what his character should look like after the end of the movie.

Wearing a fine purple suit, Destro is definitely the classiest Combat Hero released (Storm Shadow didn’t even bother wearing a tie). His cuffs, tie, tie button and collar are all there. Hidden behind his neck is a bolted brace that you only notice if you actually remove his head. His right hand is holding some weird techno-gun with two canisters on it. It’s the best kind of vague weapon that can do anything from shoot poison, knockout gas, mind controlling nanomites or just about anything a kid imagines. Destro moves at the shoulders and neck.

Destro’s head looks great and has loads more personality thanks to his sculpted eyebrows. The face is smiling but the paint is really what makes it work. Thanks to his black eyes with red pupils, Destro looks dastardly. But the paint as a whole on the figure is incredible. Sure, his tie and shirt are identical shades of blue, but the fact that his tie button is perfectly done makes up for it.

The other figure in this two-pack seems like kind of an odd choice – Cover Girl! The least famous of the three G.I. Joe females, Cover Girl trails behind Scarlett and Lady Jaye. Played by the stunningly attractive Karolína Kurková, Cover Girl was little more than a glorified extra in the film.

Haphazardly killed off by Zartan (who didn’t get a figure in the movie Combat Heroes line oddly enough), Cover Girl is just a generic blonde in urban camouflage. Her left hand is holding some quasi-futuristic gun. The figure looks great, much better than her regular one.

The head is fantastically done and the perfect balance of adorable and beautiful. Even more impressive though is just how detailed the sculpt is. Her outfit is full of little folds and creases. Her zipper is both sculpted and painted; the figure even has a necklace with dog tags! Cover Girl moves at the shoulders and barely at the neck.

The paint is mostly well done but varies figure to figure. The little details for the most part look great. The pattern on her jumpsuit and belts are good. The face is excellent. The only issue really is the hands, some of which seem to lack coverage allowing the blue plastic to show through.

I absolutely love this pack for one reason: it’s a customizer’s dream. Destro’s body finally gives us a suit to work off of allowing for a fantastic base. As for Cover Girl, she looks great but I love knowing she can be repainted into Agent 13 or her head can be used to make an Astonishing Emma Frost. But even if you’re not a customizer, these two figures are fantastic representations of what the Combat Heroes line is.

Written by jestergoblin

November 16th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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