Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Man 2020 & Deathlok

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For every uninspired two-pack in the Super Hero Squad, Hasbro occasionally throws a major curveball that doesn’t include just one head-turning selection – but two! When you’ve got a toy line designed for three year-olds and both figures in the pack haven’t been relevant in almost two decades, you’ve got to wonder who this pack was made for.

Repulsor-blasting living weapon!

This isn’t the classic armored Avenger; this is Iron Man 2020 – the Iron Man of the future! The nephew of Tony Stark, Arno Stark inherited (or will inherit? I hate time travel and verb tense agreement) Stark Industries and made himself a new suit of armor. But instead of being designed for heroics, the suit was made for warfare. Currently Arno Stark is in the Time Variance Authority, a prison for the most “dangerous time-travel offenders.”

Arno clearly took inspiration from his uncle’s designs and the figure looks like an evil version of Iron Man. Somewhat archronistic looking, Iron Man 2020 outfitted himself with a clockwork motif. Instead of shoulder pads like the Silver Centurion, Arno has giant gears on his shoulders while his belt is equipped with both another gear and a dangerous looking blade.

Arno also redid the Iron Man faceplate. Instead of the stoically passive visage, Iron Man 2020 looks more like a jack-o-lantern. Slanted eyes and a crooked mouth make him a scary looking figure. Iron Man 2020 moves at the shoulders and waist.

The paint is excellent. Since he’s just gold and dark red with black for the eyes, there isn’t a whole lot of color. But the coverage is perfect and he looks great. The only possible nitpick would be that the straps on his boots aren’t gold – but in the comics those weren’t always colored gold either.

Indestructible cyborg hero!

At first glance, Deathlok looks like the kind of guy who should have been created in the early 90s. He’s got giant guns and is a cyborg zombie. Throw in some pouches and you’d think he was an Image character. Ready to have your mind blown? Deathlok has been around longer than Wolverine in the Marvel Universe.

Another time traveler, Luther Manning was originally in the army before getting killed and getting turned into a zombie-cyborg. Somehow he was able to hope through the time streams and ended up in the 616 universe. The last time he was seen, the Hood sent him on a kamikaze in New Avengers.

Deathlok is in a new kind of pose that works really well for the gun slinging cyborg. Kneeling on the ground, both hands are holding comically oversized, generic future weapons. With legs that look like they belong to Colossus, Deathlok has a tube running from his chest to his belt. He’s really just a mishmash of design elements.

Deathlok’s undead head is covered in bumps, while the cyborg half is smooth metal with a giant red eye. Instead of looking enraged, Deathlok looks oddly calm. Articulation is kind of odd, he moves at the right shoulder, left wrist and neck.

The paint is mostly good. His suit is bright red with yellow trim; his cybernetic parts are silver with metallic blue. The charcoal color for his guns works well and the dead gray-tan for his skin tone is perfect. They even included a little American flag on his chest. But there is one weird thing: his right arm isn’t painted even through it’s supposed to be silver. It’s even sculpted to look like his legs!

This is a two-pack that doesn’t make any sense. Sure, Iron Man 2020 and Deathlok both are time traveling characters, but the two of them together? I’m stumped. I don’t see how a single kid could possibly want this – or even know who these characters are! These are both D-list characters but I’ve got to say, I love evil versions of heroes and this pack shows just how deep into the Marvel archives Hasbro is willing to go.

Written by jestergoblin

November 17th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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