Super Hero Squad Review: Bishop & Wolverine

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It’s crazy to think that characters like Cable and Bishop are around two decades old already, I always think of them as being those two new time traveling guys in X-Men stories. But I think they’ve both been around long enough to almost be classic characters, even if they are kind of dumb.Energy-absorbing mutant from the future!

Bishop is from a future and seems to do everything in his power to prevent his timeline from happening – whether that involves killing someone or not killing someone or stealing something or letting something get stolen. With super strength and the ability to absorb and redirect energy into blasts, he’s a useful guy to have around. Except for the fact that he’s absurdly paranoid and delusional and thinks every single event in the Marvel Universe will result in his timeline becoming real.

Bishop has recently been spending the last few years trying to kill a baby, but there was once a time when he just wanted to kill Gambit. Maybe he just likes killing.

Bishop’s figure looks like he doesn’t quite belong with the rest of the Super Hero Squad. Oddly posed and possessing only a single point of articulation in his right arm, he looks more at home as a classic Galactic Hero. If it weren’t for the giant red X emblems on his belt and suspender, he’d pass off as one too.

Bishop’s costume is his classic yellow and blue that matched mostly what the X-Men used to wear. He’s made a few embellishments like the kneepads, combat boots and a classic red handkerchief around his neck. In his right hand he’s holding a double barreled shotgun, while his left hand is pointing upwards.

Sporting some flowing locks of hair and a large M tattoo over his right eye, Bishop looks pretty accurate except he isn’t showing off his powers at all. It’s also weird that his eyes are just brown instead of his normal bright red.

Metal-clawed mutant hero!

Getting a new Wolverine isn’t the most exciting thing ever. At least this version is a new costume, during X-Men: Crossroads the whole team went into space and for once they were wearing matching uniforms – including Wolverine! But the costume is just blue and yellow and not terribly exciting.

Logan is hunched over and has both of his claws popped. The idea seemed to be to make it so he could cross his claws across his face but it doesn’t quite work out. To accommodate such small figures, the blades have to stay a certain thickness so his hands just get jumbled together and block his head from view. And because of some awkward articulation, he only has a single pose really.

Wolverine moves at the shoulders, neck and left wrist but the way the claws overlap, there isn’t a good way to get them to display or to even play with. Half the time Wolverine looks like he’s about to impale himself while the other half has him looking like he’s at a salon getting his nails done.

The new unmasked head is loads better than the first attempt and goes on the side of ugly (in a good way) over pretty boy movie Wolverine but isn’t quite right. Maybe it needs more stubble to pull off the Wolverine look. The paint is fine and has decent coverage. A few areas are a little weak but that’s always an issue with blue paint over yellow plastic.

This two-pack is delightfully early-90s. Bishop is an okay figure but would have greatly benefited from some extra articulation – either at the arms or waist. Plus he isn’t showing off his powers and that’s part of what made him a fun character. Wolverine is another attempt of Hasbro trying something different. It kind of worked but getting a Wolverine that can only look like he’s self-maiming or hiding just feels wrong. Neither of these figures is bad, they’re just not terribly exciting.

Written by jestergoblin

November 28th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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