Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Fist & Black Costume Spider-Man

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The Super Hero Squad figures draw a lot from the comics – far more than you’d expect at first glance. Between packs screaming Civil War, Secret Wars and Secret Invasion, a handful of them allude to specific pairings from the books. Like this one, which seems like it’s straight out of New Avengers.

Back in black to battle the bad guys!

In the middle of Civil War, Spider-Man had a costume crisis. Tony Stark gave him a super suit as the Iron Spider, but then he defected sides and went back to his classic red and blue pajamas. But soon after Aunt May was kidnapped and Spider-Man went back to his black costume in what was totally not just a move to have him be in a black suit for when Spider-Man 3 debuted.

Black costumed Spider-Man figures have been released before, both in comic and movie versions. But instead of getting his comic costume figure for a third time, Spidey got a brand new sculpt. Well, aside from the fact that it looks near identical to some of his other figures.

Instead of just being a flat figure, most of his minimal costume elements are sculpted in. The spider across the chest wraps around and his eyes are slightly beveled too. Only the web shooters on the back of his hands are just painted on. But the paint is all well done and clean with no slop anywhere. The only issue is the coverage on his hands isn’t quite as good as the coverage on his eyes and chest.

The pose is very basic and neutral. Spider-Man is just standing with his right hand in a grip and his left shooting webs (why can’t Hasbro just give us a black costumed Spidey making two fists?). Spider-Man moves at the shoulders and neck.

Fighter with the spirit of an ancient dragon!

Danny Rand almost seems like he’d be more at home in the DC Universe. He’s a rich playboy millionaire (that’s a background we’ve heard before) but also happens to be able to channel his chi into his fist, making it as strong as iron. And it glows when he does it too.

I’ve reviewed an Iron Fist figure before, but this one got released before the gold variant of the hero. Iron Fist is in his classic costume – a chest revealing, skin tight garb with a high collar, pants that are just not-short-enough to be capris, three-quarters sleeves, a billowing sash and booties. It’s hilariously awkward when you break it down, but somehow it all comes together the moment a yellow mask (with eyeliner on it) is put on.

Iron Fist has great articulation with movement at the neck, waist and shoulders. But the biggest problem is he can’t really use it because his balance is so screwed up. Between the flowing fabric of his mask and sash, along with his precariously balanced feet, Iron Fist topples almost as much as Elektra.

The paint on the figure is great though. His booties, mask and sash are goldenrod while the green for his garb looks great. His chest tattoo of the dragon is crisp, clean and doesn’t bleed. The only odd thing about him is the shade of translucent plastic used on his right hand to display his powers. Traditionally, Iron Fist’s powers are shown off as being a pink color, but this time it’s done in yellow which gets lost between his costume and skin tone.

This version of Spider-Man is a great way to add more versions of the hero without feeling overwhelmed. Some of Spidey’s dynamic poses look great, but when it comes to a display, getting some kind of boring figures work wonders too. Sure, if he had two clenched fists he’d be even better. Iron Fist looks good and if he had both feet on the floor and his hand was a different color, he’d be absolutely perfect.

Written by jestergoblin

November 21st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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