Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Mudflap & Rampage

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Robot Heroes is such an odd toy line. The whole original appeal of Transformers was the fact that the toys were both robots and vehicles – basically two toys for the price of one! Sure, other toy lines tried to replicate the success like the mutating Ninja Turtles, but nothing came close to the peanut butter and chocolate taste of Transformers. And Robot Heroes lack all of that charm.

The red and quite possibly racist robot is Mudflap – the other half of the dynamically stupid duo alongside Skids. He’s the stupid red one that doesn’t have a gold tooth. He also can’t read Cybertronian, but that’s like whining because someone can’t read Latin.

Mudflap continues the theme that he and Skids’s shared a spark at creation. His left arm is much longer and drags on the ground while his face has kooky eyes and looks generically crazy. Like all the movie Robot Heroes, Mudflap is overly detailed and lacks a lot of paint applications.

Posed like he either has only the vaguest idea of what football is or he’s trying to mimic Spider-Man, Mudflap design works well enough but doesn’t do a whole lot. It’s like he’s waiting on the sidelines while someone else fights but he’s totally ready to run in. But the sculpt looks fine and you can tell his alt form is a car. Well, more like it looks like half a car ran into his back. Mudflap moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint is decent, but lacking in areas like the back and the legs. But the black details and maroon parts add some contrast to the otherwise monochromatic Autobot. His blue eyes and sky blue headlight nipples look weird though. Almost as weird as the fact that I just typed the phrase “headlight nipples.”

The Constructicons vaguely showed up in Transformers 2, basically they were just a bunch of no-name lackeys for Megatron that later combined into Devastator, who was known for his giant metal balls. This review is on a roll – racism, headlight nipples, and now, giant metal balls.

I hate you Michael Bay.

Anyway, Rampage is the bulldozer part of Devastator but instead of being the delightfully hideous green and purple, he’s colored like an actual bulldozer all yellow with some black. He’s got red eyes because he’s evil is in a pile of mud.

But since Rampage is a bad guy, he doesn’t get to look like your regular Transformer. He has no hands and instead uses the treads as whips and instead of legs he looks like he’s half pogo stick. It’s weird, unsettling and I really like it because it’s so different from what usually gets done in this style. Rampage moves at the neck and shoulders.

Sure, the scale in Robot Heroes is horribly out of whack. Rampage is a bulldozer and Mudflap is a compact car, yet both are the same size here. But they’re Robot Heroes and if you’ve bought any of them, you know what you’re getting into. Mudflap is decent but Rampage is really interesting visually.

Written by jestergoblin

November 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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