Mystery Mates Review: Ghosthunter Shaggy & Van

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The two-packs of the Mystery Mates figures are incredible little sets that blow away most other offerings. Absurdly cheap, incredibly sculpted and a great franchise to give miniature treatment to. So while the Mystery Machine never got released here in the states, three vehicles did – a red fire-van, a purple basketball van and the white ghost hunting van. Given how good the figures were, I grabbed one and expected to be amazed.

I wasn’t. Let me be clear: do not buy these vehicle packs.

Retailing at $10 a set, these combos of a figure and a vehicle are pricey. And given the math, these vehicles should be worth $8 each. These vans are not worth that kind of money. First off, they’re hollow but have no way of putting a figure inside of them! They can’t be ridden, they just kind of sit there. The only somewhat neat thing about the van is that the wheels are oddly weighted, so they go further than expected when pushed (expect they barely move when pushed backwards).

The paint and design on the van isn’t terribly exciting and not very well done either. It’s got a neon orange web on the roof and an orange and gray stripe along the side. Besides the black windows, all the other decals are stickers. Horribly applied and crooked, the stickers are exactly why many collectors prefer paint applications. And that’s it for the van. There’s no action feature, no seats for figures to sit, no nothing. Just some awful stickers and white plastic that scuffs way too easily.

Shaggy is wearing what looks to be a knock-off Ghostbusters costume. Ghosthunter Shaggy is wearing some classy bright red pants and a white jacket. His backpack could be a vacuum or a ghost capturing unit, with a hose connecting to his gun. It looks good, but the paint scheme is odd. The detail colors are navy blue and lime green, two colors that don’t exactly contrast well. Inexplicably, Shaggy has anti-ghost emblems on both shoulders that are so warped they’re barely legible.

Like all of the good guys, Shaggy is unarticulated which really hurts this figure since he isn’t even looking in the same direction as he’s firing! What’s the point of having a gun then?

I don’t know if some other department was responsible for these vehicle packs, but this one just feels like an awful cash in. Had the set been $6, I might have been more forgiving. But the entire charm of this line were the monsters, and not having a monster just gives you two immobilized chunks of plastic. Don’t buy this.

Written by jestergoblin

December 14th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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