Combat Heroes Review: Young Storm Shadow & Young Snake Eyes

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One of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in a film in a long time was in G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra. Sure, saying that a fight between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes sounds pretty standard and happens all the time in G.I. Joe – but this fight was between two children. And it was amazingly brutal.

Young Storm Shadow keeps his familiar color schemes by wearing a white gi with a red belt. Posed like he’s taunting an opponent, he’s raising his katana above his head while with his right hand pointing two fingers – like a boy scout. But when making a toy of a young child in the Hasbro Heroes style, a lot of the details get lost so Storm Shadow kind of looks like a little girl.

The head sculpt isn’t bad but the details are soft and the shoulder length hair makes the figure look kind of like a female. Articulation is standard with cut joints at the shoulders, waist and neck. But the long hair means Storm Shadow only gets a few degrees of movement.

There isn’t much paint on the figure, but what little there is looks great. Cast in white plastic, which can scuff a little easier than I’d like – but it isn’t as bad as a figure painted white. The red belt and silver sword look great; the sword even has a red Arashikage symbol at the base of the blade. The skin tone is very, very pale which is odd since young Storm Shadow was pretty tan for a kid. The hair looks good and the eyes are generically Asian.

Young Snake Eyes shows off the all-American boy before he went all emo and mute. But as the yin to Storm Shadow’s yang, Snake Eyes is a mirrored version of the figure. Wearing a solid black gi with a red belt, the figure is posed opposite and it makes for a great pairing of the two. Snake Eyes has a wooden tonfa in each hand.

While Storm Shadow looks like a girl, Snake Eyes looks like Luke Skywalker. A lot like Luke, so much so that I wonder if they happened to have an extra Luke head sculpt lying around and they just decided to throw it on this figure. Snake Eyes has identical articulation as Storm Shadow, including the barely movable neck!

Paint is minimal but well done. Cast mostly in black plastic, he’s also wearing a red belt (making them the same rank I guess), while his tonfas are brown. The skin tone used is super tan and makes Snake Eyes look like a surfer dude, especially with his sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Word of advice; watch out for the teeth because some of the figures look like he’s got a milk mustache instead.

This is a really weird pack. Sure, pairing these two ninjas together makes a great deal of sense but they’re two little kids! But besides the odd skin tones, these two figures are great. They’re little, they’re ninjas and they remind me a lot of Ken and Ryu. Now if only Galactic Heroes got head sculpts this good.

Written by jestergoblin

November 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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