TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Mike’s Kickin’ Crash Pad

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This is it. After reviewing this, I’m pretty much out of new-to-me toys to review. Looks like retro month may come a little early (unless I suddenly find some new things to review). But with this, I will finish almost the entire Ninja Turtles Mini Mutants line. Whoa.

When a lone Foot Ninja discovers Mikey’s Crash Pad, Mikey decides to bash the evil baddie into oblivion! He grabs his twin chuks, mounts his board, launches himself off the grind rail, and skates into battle! The Foot Ninja doesn’t stand a chance, not against a wise-crakin’ ninja turtle and his booby-trapped mailbox!

Michelangelo is just like his brothers, just like they were just like him – identical to his past releases. The same body, the same odd proportions and the quirky head with a massive grin on it; it isn’t a bad toy but is a lot of what we’ve seen before. I’ve said it basically every single time and it still holds true.

Mikey has the same articulation as always with cut joints at the shoulders, wrists, neck and hips. For weaponry, he comes with two nunchakus and a new accessory: a skateboard! Mikey’s first skateboard was oddly made, but this one is much simpler and works a lot better. A single peg to keep the figure it place, the wheels roll freely. Sure, it may be slightly oversized by about half an inch but it’s a much better second attempt.

The fearsome foe in this set is a dreaded Foot Ninja! Based off the movie appearance the all black ninja looks good with his armor and monochromatic paint scheme. The red eyes glow menacingly but like Mikey his limbs seem a tad too thin.

Articulation is minimal with the Foot Ninja having a cut waist, shoulders and neck. It isn’t much and given how thin the arms are, I feel like they could snap off at any moment when moving them. For an arsenal, he comes with an odd sword that looks like it’s half pike and a shield that vaguely reminds me of scarab.

The final playset is almost depressing with how Playmates went around decorating it. The street level is just so weirdly outdated. The store front is for “Pizza & Video” which is laughably passé. The window shows off some “hip” text with the word pizza in neon and “video” looking like someone used a knock off TRON font. Of course the only movie poster in the window is for TMNT. They also advertise having an ATM, the most modern concept in this entire set.

If that wasn’t awkward enough, the sidewalk drops off into an abyss that opens right into the turtles’ lair! On the opposite side of the ravine is a mailbox with a hidden action feature where it slightly moves with a push of a button. The ramp is designed so it can come down from above (which makes no sense) or go down into the sewer (which barely makes any sense).

The sewer level yet again shows how much Playmates seems to want to ignore what the turtles became. The cross bar (or maybe a balance beam) is a nice touch and the retro arcade cabinets add some character but the pipes leaking ooze and the discarded pizza boxes? This isn’t 1991 no matter how much they want it to be. A single pipe comes up from the floor is there to work with Donny’s playset but makes no sense on its own.

Everything about this set feels like a relic of a time past. The video rental store is hilariously outdated while the ooze and pizza on the floor evoke imagery of the turtles that hasn’t been used in fifteen years. This set is of a bygone era back when the Turtles were on top and Playmates ruled the boys’ toys almost two decades ago. Now though, this just feels like some old guy desperately trying to be hip in a world that passed him by. Everything else changed, but he didn’t.

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Written by jestergoblin

June 1st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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