TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Leonardo & Hun

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For years, the Golden Calf of Playmates Toys was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Those bushido following anthropomorphic creatures turned Playmates into a rival of Mattel and Hasbro during the late 80s and early 90s. Ever since then, it seems like they’ve been desperately trying to reignite that fire. So instead of being the leader, they’re turned to following trends. So when Hasbro found themselves with a hit style, everyone else soon jumped on the Heroes-style bandwagon.

But Playmates seemed to take a slightly different approach with their revival of the Mini Mutants line. The figures are slightly larger, slightly less stylized but more articulated and detailed.

Based off the lankier proportions of the TMNT movie, the turtles got redesigned but they still resemble their classic selves. Leonardo has always been a favorite of mine. Standing at 2.5 inches (a little over 6 cm), Leo is taller than the average Super Hero Squad figure but the height is close enough for them to be combined.

Leo is well detailed with slightly oversized hands and feet that feature some odd attempts at making skin on his feet and hands. His limbs look a tad skinny though. His shell is textured with his belt running across it and his sheathes glued on his back. Leo’s face is appropriately calm and staring out.

Articulation is plentiful for the scale, but doesn’t do much. All joints are cut-joints at the hips, shoulders, wrists and neck. The legs are at a slight angle so Leo doesn’t look like he can kick.

But the big elephant in the room is paint. Whoever signed off on this paint scheme is either an idiot or a genius, but either way is nefarious. The bright green skin tone used is fine and matches Leo’s movie look. His blue bandana is glossy without having any issues. But then there’s everything that isn’t the hands and head. All of Leo is black. Solid black with no paint, supposedly this is a “stealth” version. It kind of works, but seems like a horribly way to launch these figures.

Until you realize the only way to get “regular” versions of the turtles is by buying the vehicle packs.

Leo comes with twin katanas. The swords are silver with black hilts and fine snugly both into his hands and sheaths.

The bad guy in this pack is Hun. Leader of the Purple Dragons, minion of the Shredder and specially made for the 2003 show, Hun is a big guy. His figure is just under 3 inches tall and looks much more stylized than Leo with giant feet and arms. Hun actually looks a lot better than Leo and would fit in with any Hasbro Heroes line with ease.

Hun’s outfit is simple – black pants, gray shoes, and black vest. It’s nothing fancy but is all well sculpted. Hun’s face is scowling and has really sunken eyes. His arms are ripped, but the articulation can really interfere with the sculpt.

Hun moves at the waist, shoulders, wrists and neck. His neck barely moves because of the ponytail, while his wrists make his arms look really off at some angles. He was clearly sculpted without wrists originally.

Paint isn’t terribly exciting but works. It’s all clean with his red belt and swirling purple dragon tattoo on his left arm. The three scars on his cheek look a little too red, especially with his same color earring. Weirdest though are the eyes, which are just solid hazel.

Hun comes with a war hammer that’s copper and silver. It looks good, but it doesn’t seem like it was originally made for him because he can barely hold it! Leo can hold it fine, but Hun can’t hold one of Leo’s swords.

If you try to compare these figures to Hasbro Heroes or Mattel’s Action League, they’re going to feel off. The style is close but not quite, much like the B.P.R.D. Buddies. Leo’s coloring makes zero sense and the fact that movie-style and cartoon-style figures are paired together seems a little odd too. They aren’t bad toys, but something about them just feels rushed.

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December 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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