Super Hero Squad Review: Vulture & Spider-Man

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Usually when a pack just contains two repaints, I’m less than thrilled by it. But this pack is the perfect way for Hasbro to re-release figures. Minor paint changes to major characters and easily the best value for a Super Hero Squad pack.

Acrobatic, spider-powered super hero!

Technically a repaint of the Spider-Man in Spider-Man Saves the Day, he never got a release state-side so most people never got a chance to own the best Spider-Man figure ever.

Spider-Man is in his classic costume and is heavily inspired by Todd McFarlane’s designs for the web head. He’s got giant eyes and spindly limbs and perfectly represents how I see Spider-Man in my head. All of the webbing is sculpted in and Spidey has a fantastic pose.

Squatting on the ground, Spidey is shooting web out of his left hand. Articulation is very impressive too with joints at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint is a tad messy. The red and blue suit look great, but the black wash to make the webbing pop didn’t work as well as it could have. Instead, Spider-Man looks like he’s been thrown into a puddle and covered in oil.

For an accessory, Spider-Man has a great one: a lamp post! Cast in green plastic with a gray chunk of sidewalk for a base, it’s a fantastic addition to the city dwelling super hero. At 4 inches tall, it’s good sized and makes a great addition to the Avengers Super City playset.

But Spider-Man’s web plugs into the lamp allowing him to hang upside down from it! It’s a look that’s just so Spidey, it’s perfect!

Wicked, winged super villain!

Adrian Toomes is the first villain Spider-Man faced off against twice. Old, bald and the owner of a stolen flying harness, he doesn’t exactly strike me as the biggest threat to Spider-Man. Originally released in the near-impossible to find wave 5 of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad; Vulture was a classic character fans wanted back on the shelves.

A straight repaint, Vulture still looks like he’s wearing pajamas. He has large wings on each arm while his grinning, bald head is perched above his neck ruffles. The sculpt is solid and isn’t showing much age. The feathers look particularly impressive. Vulture moves at the neck, shoulders and waist.

The paint kept Vulture in the classic colors of just being green, but a lot of little touches really make him pop. First off, his suit is metallic green which really helps make the figure look like he’s wearing armor instead of pajamas. Second, his face got redone with bigger eyes that looks more in-style with the line.

The new paint scheme actually makes Adrian Toomes look almost too young but many Super Hero Squad figures look that way. Spider-Man is absolutely incredible; just make sure to keep an eye out on his wash. Vulture on the other hand was a perfect candidate for a repaint.

Written by jestergoblin

December 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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