Combat Heroes Review: Snake Eyes & Aquaviper

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Snake Eyes always shows up when G.I. Joe toys are involved. After all, he is a ninja and kids tend to think ninja are cool. But so far we’ve gotten several different cartoon versions, a movie version, an ice-themed version and a little kid version! Hasbro evidently didn’t think it was enough and decided Snake Eyes needed to go underwater next.

Under the Sea Snake Eyes evokes the classic imagery of the mute hero – large visor, tight suit and his Arashikage mark on his right shoulder. But instead of being black or gray, this Snake Eyes is dark blue. Wearing a wetsuit that’s just embellished enough to be fictional, Snake Eyes looks pretty good.

Snake Eyes suit is fairly basic at first glance. Each wrist has a bracelet of some sort, while his torso is plain except for the scuba tank strap. His right hand is in a fist while his left is clutching a small knife. But his legs are feet are surprisingly intricate. I love the boots, which are two-toed to look like a flipper while having fins on the back. But even the pants are detailed with seams and odd Triforce-looking kneepads.

With two tanks on his back and a hose connecting to where his mouth should be under the mask, Snake Eyes’ face isn’t too exciting, but it works. Articulation is standard with joints at the shoulders, waist and neck. But the breathing apparatus prevents the head from moving.

The paint is minimal, with most of the figure just cast in navy blue plastic. His boots and chest strap are a darker shade, while his belt, visor and tank are all a metallic color. Besides the red symbol on his shoulder and his silver knife, this guy is monochromatic.

To face-off against this underwater Joe, Cobra Commander sent out his own aquatic trooper – the Aquaviper! But a lot of this figure makes me think Cobra doesn’t know what “underwater” means beyond harpoons.

Aquaviper is heavily detailed and wearing something that looks more like swamp gear than underwater stuff. His full maroon bodysuit is accented with black leather boots and gloves and a vest that seems to be made out of weapons. The guy has a pistol, grenade and a knife on him! His face is some twisted visage that looks like a Cobra Viper, only with fangs for the mouth. It looks appropriately evil.

Like the Ice-Viper, don’t expect the Aquaviper to move much. His waist works fine, but his neck is limited by his oddly high collar. His shoulders move a tiny bit, allowing him to aim straight ahead of slightly into the air.

The paint is interesting since the figure is mostly maroon (making this a great Red vs. Blue pack). His black boots, gloves and visor add some “evilness” while his red shoulders and “underwater cameo” stripe make the figure pop. His gun is bright red with a metallic blue tip, which seems to not be a harpoon for some reason. He also has silver shoulder pads and the Cobra insignia on his right shoulder.

This pack makes a lot of sense on paper. Both guys are water themed, they’ve got a fantastic opposing colors vibe going but there’s just one thing: the Aquaviper doesn’t seem like an underwater figure at all! He’s good, but the guy looks like he should be green and black and rummaging through a swamp. I mean, why would you pick red as a camouflage color? But without the names, they’re great little figures that expand Cobra’s ranks.

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December 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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