TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Raphael & Triceraton Soldier

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The TMNT Mini Mutants line doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. The turtles are based off the 4th movie’s designs, while the villains are all from the relaunched cartoon. If this line had continued, I would almost expect to see Venus from The Next Mutation alongside Radical and Complete Carnage.

For nearly all intents and purposes, Raphael is identical to his brother, Leonardo. Sculpting-wise, the only different are the torsos and the heads – but the arms and legs are the exact same. Even the torso isn’t that different since Raphael is simply lacking Leo’s chest strap. The head is just Raph snarling with one side of his mouth instead of just being calm. But when has Raph ever been calm?

The sculpt still has some weird proportions and the feet look oddly overly detailed still. Articulation is the same seven points: hips, shoulders, wrists and neck.

But again, the biggest deterrent on this figure is hands down the paint. Raph’s head, arms and toes are perfectly fine and he’s a different shade of green than Leo. But Playmates idea of “stealth” suits is odd at best. At least Leo and Raph have slightly different suits on.

For accessories, Raphael comes with a pair of sai which are way too big – they’re almost the same length are Leo’s katanas! Some people may complain that sai shouldn’t technically be bladed, but they match how they’re portrayed. The blades are silver and the hilt is black.

In the original comics and during the second cartoon series, the Turtles spent almost as much time in space as they did on the earth. One race they butted heads with more than once were the warmongering Triceratons. Originally created before the Ninja Turtles, the species debuted in Fugitoid #1 (which later became part of the TMNT mythos).

In the 2003 TMNT line, the Triceratons returned as the major threat during the second season when their empire stumbled across Earth in search of Professor Honeycutt – the Fugitoid! An intergalactic invasion later, and the Triceraton soldiers were marching through the streets of New York.

The Triceraton Soldier is very similar to his original figure’s counterpart. Besides a bit of de-bulking, they’re essentially the same toy. Wearing a black and gray jumpsuit with a brown sash emblazoned with the Triceraton Republic’s symbol, he’s an imposing figure standing three inches tall.

The figure’s orange head looks great with his furrowed brown and angry looking beak. His tail just barely misses the ground. He looks like a large, anthropomorphic dinosaur and I’m perfectly okay with that.

Articulation is identical to what Hun had. The Triceraton moves at the shoulders, wrists, neck and waist. Again, this figure clearly wasn’t intended to originally have cut wrists based on the sculpt.

The paint looks great with clean lines. The muted colors work well, but the Triceraton emblem looks a tad sloppy. For an accessory, he comes with a blaster. It’s the blaster his 6 inch counterpart should have come with originally, but somehow Commander Mozar ended up with it. The gun looks good but what’s really nice is the figure can hold it three different ways – idly by the handle, across in both hands or with a finger on the trigger.

Much like Leo, Raph just isn’t that great of a figure. His outfit at least makes a tiny bit of sense because for a few years, Raphael ran around in an all-black suit in the Archie Comics series. But these figures just leave a sour taste in my mouth of blatant cash in. The Triceraton Soldier is great though, if he were a tad bulkier, he’d be perfect. He’d fit right in fighting Captain America and the Avengers or robbing banks alongside Chemo.

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December 6th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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