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Not all LEGO sets are fantastic wizards fighting off the undead or intergalactic space police fighting alien gangsters, some of them are much more down to earth. And not so far down that they’re mining, more like just down to earth enough to wallow in some mud.

It’s feeding time down on the farm! A farmer’s work is never done, but this farmer loves to feed and water his pig, and his dog loves to go with him!

LEGO City as a line may not be the most exciting concept but I love any toyline that brings civilians front and center. Aliens and pirates suddenly become a lot more fun the moment they have a village to raid after all!

The LEGO farmer is a modern day take on the agricultural profession. Sure, he’s still wearing overalls but lacks the straw hat and got a black baseball cap instead. The figure isn’t anything terribly new; he’s wearing green overalls with a plaid red shirt. His face seems to be the new “generic happy” take with big eyes, a teeth-bearing grin and light brown eyebrows. It’s a grand step forward of the generic happy face of my youth. For an accessory, the farmer comes with a single dark gray shovel.

But farmer wouldn’t be anything without some animals and this farmer gets two! First up is the LEGO dog which seems to be getting more popular since he first debuted as Sirius Black. A single piece with a peg on his back, the dog is a fine LEGO animal that required 3 pegs worth to stand. The dog works great across many different lines too!

The other animal is a single pig! About the same size as the dog, the peach pig also has a peg on its back meaning I can create an amazing pig-drawn catapult in the future (or maybe just make a catapult that flings pigs). The only weird thing is the painted eyes – which are identical to the minifigure’s!

The final accessory is one you have to build yourself, the feed trough! It’s not the most exciting and the round pieces for “food” seem a little off, but the bucket and roof make it accurate enough (and I’m speaking from first hand farm experience here). It’s really only six pieces, but at least it’s more exciting than just getting a rock.

And that’s what amazes me the most about this set. Only the Court Jester comes close to having the same amount of value as this set. The figure isn’t terribly exciting, but the addition of the dog and pig make it a fantastic set that nearly anyone who plays with LEGO will be entertained by. Sure, collector’s who only like Space themed sets might have a harder time utilizing these animals (they’ve got pegs, make jetpacks!) but this is a surprisingly good value at $4.

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December 10th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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