Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Playset – Danger Room with Wolverine & Sabretooth

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After two overpriced (and almost identical) playsets, Hasbro finally seemed to figure out what people wanted for Super Hero Squad playsets and released the first two: Avengers Super City and this one, the Danger Room! The X-Men’s training base that eventually achieved sentience and tried to kill them, but that gets glossed over.

The Danger Room is the ultimate super hero training course, but when a villain like Sabretooth breaks in, it gets even trickier! As Wolverine battles his way through, he is confronted with danger from every direction. Can he subdue Sabretooth and escape the diabolical Danger Room?

I don’t know how Sabretooth managed to break into the Danger Room, but it allows for an important rule of toys: heroes are always more fun with villains.

Brown Costume Wolverine isn’t anything new, since this figure has been released twice already. First in the X-Men Showdown with Magneto 4-pack and again in The Uncanny X-Men box set. This version is only slightly different: he’s got both arm hair and a painted belt buckle. That’s it, nothing too exciting but he still faces a few problems.

His neckless head rotates along with his arms. With such a squat stance, Wolverine looks like he’s been thrown into a wall head first. It worked well when he came with the throwing Colossus that could do the fastball special, but without the additional figure, Wolverine looks odd.

The big bad for this set is Sabretooth. A repaint of the version from way back in Wave 1, this is a figure we’ve seen twice already. Sabretooth’s sculpt was one of the first to show a different type of pose from the traditional “hero” style that almost all of the Galactic Heroes followed. Balanced between hand and foot, he tries to look different but suffers greatly from the fact that he only looks good in one position. Both his arms move, but only one can be used really. But the balance is easily thrown off.

The paint is the same as the one that came with the Uncanny X-Men pack with no noticeable changes to paint. With both figures being available in the SAME PACK, it’s a tad tedious.

The Danger Room itself is an interesting piece both for display and play. From a collector’s standpoint, it’s an odd piece. Cast in dark green and gray plastic, it looks bland and the techno stickers do little to help that. The sentinel head hanging from the crane looks great on one side but isn’t painted on the back. Plus the head is out of scale with the existing Sentinel Super Hero Squad design. It honestly doesn’t look much like the Danger Room in my head – but I think of the room as being smooth sides and uses light projection to turn it into anything. The set also comes with a giant, hideous, neon connector piece that allows the playset to connect with other ones. I don’t recommend ever using it.

For kids, there are several parts that work well. The trap door is a fun action feature, and the missile launcher can be attached in two different areas. I will say that the launcher is exceptionally weak. It only fires a few inches and doesn’t have enough force to knock over a figure. The crane with the sentinel head is just begging to knock over some figures. It’s a fun, cheap playset and much better than the Bank Heist one released with Spider-Man. It also folds up nicely.

For kids just getting into super heroes, this is a decent entry. Wolverine is well known and Sabretooth is one of his biggest enemies. The Danger Room is an iconic setting for the Marvel Universe that lends itself to many great toy ideas too. For $20, there’s two figures and a playset with decent playability. For collectors though, both figures we’ve gotten before and just saying something is the Danger Room isn’t enough to make it the Danger Room for me.

Super Hero Squad Playsets

Wave 1
Avengers Super City with Iron Man & Spider-Man
Danger Room with Wolverine & Sabretooth

Wave 2
Battle for Doom’s Castle with Dr. Doom & Iron Man

Wave 3
Crusaders of the Cosmos with Iron Man & Silver Surfer

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November 30th, 2009 at 7:38 am

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