LEGO Minifigures Series 1 Review: Tribal Hunter (8683)

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As a toy collector, I sometimes forget about my actual age. So when I opened up the “Tribal Hunter” minifigure, my immediate thought was, “Didn’t LEGO do Indians recently?” Turns out “recently” in my head means 13 years and that means an entire group of kids grew up with LEGO and stopped playing between then and now.

“If you’ve lost it, I can find it!”

The Tribal Hunter is the best around at finding lost objects. No matter what you’ve misplaced, large or small, he can find it for you. He’s tracked down the Forestman’s cap-feather (it was up a tree), the Zombie’s turkey leg (he left it on the sofa), and even the Circus Clown’s missing pet elephant (it was behind the fridge). It’s made him a pretty popular fellow, but it also means that no one is ever willing to play his favorite game of hide-and-seek with him – after all, he wins every time.

The Tribal Hunter secretly loves dancing. If he hears about a dance party, he’ll be there…but he’s very shy about it, so he usually wears a disguise so no one will know it’s him. His most precious possession is his MP3 player loaded with dance tunes. No matter how good he may be at finding things, he’s always afraid of losing it!

The Tribal Hunter (a nice way of saying Indian or Native American) is just a repaint of the figures that got released years ago. Mostly cast in tan, the hunter’s chest and legs show off some impressive paint work with alternating patterns of white and blue along with a multitude of tassels. The big change is the face, instead of featuring ethnic features, this guy looks more like a classic LEGO figure dressed up for a Halloween party and it’s a look I actually prefer. The face features an open mouth grin, some war paint and bushy eyebrows.

Like all LEGO minifigures, he moves at the legs, shoulders and wrists. His head rotates too, but the hairpiece blocks it.

For accessories, the hunter comes with the brown quiver with matching bow and arrow. The only other weapons that would have worked would be a spear or a tomahawk. The hair piece is black with the hair divided into two parts with a headband. To get across the Native American thing, he also includes two feathers to attach to the hair. Oddly, the pack includes an extra set of feathers. A display base is also included.

After going home, I found a few of my old Western LEGO figures like the sheriff and chief of the tribe. So seeing this figure brings back a lot of memories, but I just don’t find him that exciting. It’s probably simply because he isn’t new to me like all the others have been. There’s no magic spark that ignites my imagination simply because I’ve been down that path before. But if you weren’t playing with LEGO back then, he’s a solid figure.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 #86833
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Super Wrestler | Forestman | Skater | Nurse
Demolition Dummy | Magician | Cowboy | Deep Sea Diver

Written by jestergoblin

December 17th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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