TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Donatello & Foot Tech Ninja

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Playmates is either full of idiots or geniuses, I can’t quite tell. They’ve released a toy line based on a popular franchise in a style close enough to other popular lines, but didn’t include the big bad. Instead, the first wave gave us a lackey, two pieces of cannon fodder and a supernatural ethereal cyborg-clone.

The fourth and final turtle, Donatello takes a few pages out of his brothers’ books. Like Mikey and Raph, Donny is identical to them from the neck down. Spindly arms, awkwardly sculpted feet and, of course, the horrible all-black suit is back. But Don’s suit may actually make the most amount of sense.

Donatello’s outfit is near identical to Leo’s except for one minor variation: his feet are uncovered. The Ninja Turtles are used to running around barefoot, so I imagine wearing socks would be distracting. So Don looks like he’s just wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt. And given his history of technological espionage, it makes a lot more sense for him to wear a disguise.

Don’s face looks kind of angry, but reminds me a lot of his original figure’s mouth. Don also shares the same skin color as Leo and Mikey, instead of being his regular shade of brown. For a weapon, he comes with his simple bow staff with a black wrap in the middle. The bo staff is taller than Donny too!

Since Donatello is the technological one, it makes sense that he would get paired up with a Foot Tech Ninja. An elite member of Shredder’s Foot Clan, the Foot Techs use alien technology to augment their strength and turn themselves invisible. The original Foot Techs were cast in a semi-translucent purple plastic that made them look really cool, these ones aren’t.

Firmly cementing the trend that the non-Turtles in this line have giant feet and hands, the Foot Tech is similar to Hun and the Rat King that way. The figure is wearing armor on the shoulders, forearms and shins along with a vaguely insect looking mask. On his back are two sheaths that aren’t usable unlike Leo’s.

Articulation is at the waist, neck, shoulders and wrists. It sounds like a lot, but actually is far more restricting. Paint is clean with the black armor and the only other color comes from the red eyes and Foot emblem.

For weapons, the Foot Tech comes with a pair of katanas, which are different from Leo’s. Oddly, both blades have glue on them. But the fact that the swords can’t be stored in the sheathes on his back is just pointless.

As a pairing, these two probably make the most sense out of any of the TMNT Mini Mutants. Don is know for being the geek tech Turtle so pairing him up with a Foot Tech Ninja makes oodles of sense. Even Don’s outfit makes sense! But it does seem weird to have Hun and a Foot Tech Ninja but no Shredder.

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December 16th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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