TMNT Mini Mutants Review: Michelangelo & Rat King

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The last few years before TMNT got sold; Peter Laird started really playing around with the idea of a TMNT-multiverse. Much like the various earths in DC or the different universes in Marvel, the TMNT-multiverse allowed the cartoons and comics to all co-exist. Of course, many ideas were left unanswered – like Oroku Yoshi.

Like his brothers, there isn’t anything new about Michelangelo in the TMNT Mini Mutants line. In fact, he and Raphael are wearing identical outfits! From the neck down, the only difference between them is the color of their skin. Unlike most incarnations of the turtles in toy form, Mikey and Leo have the exact same skin tone.

Mikey is wearing some hideous skin-tight black garb that exposes his toes along with elbow pads and wrist bands. He moves at the shoulders, legs, wrists and neck too. The head is new and shows the party dude sporting a giant grin. Thankfully, his eyes are just solid white instead of featuring the blue ones the latest movie gave him. His orange bandana looks good, but Mikey’s head is topped with an excess of clear glue. Lucky for Playmates, it dried perfectly clear but in the right light it’s very noticeable.

For accessories, Mikey comes with his pair of nunchakus. They’ve got black handles with a silver chain attached both pieces together.

One of the weirdest characters that the Turtles have ever faced against must be the Rat King. He’s appeared in almost every version including the original comic, the classic cartoon and the TMNT 2K3 series. His origin and powers change with each telling, sometimes he’s a physical threat other times he’s a metaphysical ally. In the 2K3 series, the Rat King was a failed clone of Agent Bishop that combined his DNA with Splinter’s to create the ultimate solider. Of course, that didn’t work out and the creature fled into the sewers to later return as the Rat King.

Rat King is heavily bandaged to cover up his scarred visage. What little you can see of his face reminds me of a dried apple doll head, rough cut and grisly. His sunken, solid black eyes match his solemn mouth. Rat King’s body is half mechanical parts and armor and half bandages, like a cyborg mummy. Like Hun, he takes the super-deformed look to a whole new level with giant feet and massive clawed hands.

Articulation is the norm with joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists and legs. His leg joints are at a very odd angle, effectively making them useless. The paint looks too clean for a being that lives in the sewers. His bandages have no paint and are just in the off-white color they’re cast in. But the little touches of blue, red and yellow help add some color.

For an accessory, the Rat King doesn’t come with any rats. Instead, he comes with a homemade “mace” made up of a cinderblock and metal cables. It looks decent, but the figure holds it awkwardly.

Mikey is just like his brothers – weird, poorly executed and just a blatant cash grab. Giving him the same skin tone as Leo really bothers me too. Rat King is an odd figure, especially since they went the bio-mechanical route for his design again. But at least the creepy eyes work a lot better this time around.

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December 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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