Super Hero Squad Review: Nova & Hulk

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Wave 15 of the Super Hero Squad was odd because it only included two brand new characters. In fact, if wave 15 had Captain America in it, all of the heavy hitters would be included (Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and Wolverine). But including such heavy hitters can be a tad confusing, so how do you justify packing Hulk and Nova together? Both have been in space!

Strong enough to punch a planet out of orbit!

Green Hulks aren’t anything new and new Hulk sculpts often leave me deeply concerned. But this version of the olive skinned giant is new and actually looks good. His paler than usual shade of green used on his skin reminds me a lot of Smart Hulk. Mostly an excuse for some sculptor to show off their skill at doing super-human-physiology, Hulk looks great.

Slightly hunched over (probably to fit him in the packaging), Hulk looks like he either just landed or is about to jump into the air. His massive arms are bent and his ripped jeans barely cover him up. Hulk’s face is odd, it doesn’t look angry – it looks more concerned than anything. To top him off, his hair looks kind of absurd, like it’s straight from the 90s as a back up dancer for Vanilla Ice.

Articulation isn’t as great as you’d expect with Hulk only moving at the shoulders and neck. His neck peg points outwards, so instead of turning left to right, it moves up and down. His arms are kind of odd too given his flexing stance.

Paint is really minimal, but works well for a figure like the Hulk who is mostly one color. His pants are light blue with a black belt and silver buckle. His face is decent with dull green eyes (and oddly enough, matching eyebrows). Hulk’s hair isn’t great though since the applications miss the base of his hair.

Keeper of the Nova Force and defender of the universe!

Someone at Hasbro must have really loved the Annihilation cosmic saga at Marvel, how else does Nova get a chance to appear in both Marvel Legends and the Super Hero Squad? Wearing his modern costume, this blatant knock-off of Green Lantern (they have near IDENTICAL origins) looks great. His cosmic suit is far more detailed than you’d first expect with overlapping parts sculpted in and gold armor pieces.

Nova’s most iconic look has to be his hilariously awkward helmet that looks like part Spartan and part elementary school craft project. But thankfully his modern look makes the giant red star look more like part of the suit instead of just a giant red add-on. Like Hulk, Nova moves at the shoulders and neck.

The paint is impressive too. Given that his suit is blue with gold painted on it, a single mistake would be very visible but Nova looks perfect. His armor is crisp and clean, while his white details are perfect circles. Even the face looks great. A nice change is that Nova is given solid sky blue eyes that work really well.

While these two have nothing in common, packing Nova with Hulk was probably the only way he’d ever sell. But even without knowing much about the cosmic warrior, Nova is definitely a unique looking figure. Nothing about him blows my mind, but he’s a solid figure. Hulk isn’t bad either, but there’s nothing about him that makes me love him. He’s almost too generic, which is a shame since we still haven’t gotten Joe Fix It, Smart Hulk or the Maestro.

Written by jestergoblin

December 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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