Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Man & Spider-Woman

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As the Super Hero Squad continued, some of the older figures really began showing their age. Original Thor looked a little too much like the Pillsbury Doughboy for my taste and Spider-Woman was lacking something. Of course, any time Hasbro admits to a mistake and calls for a do-over, they make sure the cushion the blow by including a repaint. How kind of them.

Armored leader of the Avengers!

Iron Man is back in his repainted glory! A repaint of the figure that first showed up in The Danger of the Dreadknight, Tony is wearing his Classic II armor which is probably the look any kid growing up in the late 80s and early 90s associates with the drunken billionaire.

A straight repaint really just darkened the colors a bit on the costume. Yellow became gold, red became a darker red and white turned to black. All in all, it looks almost too dark for the armored Avenger. But given that Tony’s time-traveling nephew just got released, it’s a great way to show the similarities between the costumes. Iron Man still moves at the shoulders and neck.

Venom-blasting spider-powered super woman!

I had two big issues with the first Spider-Woman figure released wave back in wave 6: her look and her lack of powers. This version fixes all those problems! Jessica Drew may have one of the weirdest super powers out there – she secrets pheromones. It gives her an absurd edge against males (and I’m sure her body doesn’t hurt). But when a major aspect of a character is actually being sexy, it’s easy to be disappointed by the first attempt.

Spider-Woman is unarticulated again and her slender legs have a tendency to get warped in the packaging – but it’s nothing a little boil and set won’t fix. And those are the only two kind-of-negative things I have to say about her.

Jessica’s figure looks great. Her boots have those adorable almost-a-high-heel look that Emma Frost has. Her outstretched arms have purple venom bolts coming out of them in translucent purple plastic. Her “wings” are silver and the face is stunning. The paint works looks amazing with thin black lines and excellent yellow coverage. Even her hair looks great! From the front, it looks about chin length, but the back reveals it to be much longer.

This Spider-Woman figure is incredible. If she stood up perfectly, she’d be one of the best Super Hero Squad figures. If getting new versions of old figures were always this good, I wouldn’t ever complain. Iron Man is a decent addition to the armory and like always, Tony Stark is the only guy who can get away with minor suit tweaks constantly.

Written by jestergoblin

December 11th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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