Super Hero Squad Review: Silver Samurai & Wolverine

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It’s odd how quickly characters in Marvel jump from one place to another. Wolverine first debuted in The Incredible Hulk before jumping to X-Men and then showing up everywhere in the Marvel Universe. Silver Samurai is the same – first a Daredevil enemy, then an X-Men villain before facing off against the Avengers and becoming a government agent.

Mutant master of the martial arts!

While he looks like the Shredder, Silver Samurai was created when comic books became obsessed with Japanese culture. Modeled after the samurai, Kenuichio Harada has the mutant ability to channel energy into a tachyon field into items, making them capable of cutting through almost anything except adamantium and vibranium.

Silver Samurai is posed like he’s ready to start a battle with his weight on his right food and his katana drawn and energized. His armor looks great but making it so monochromatic, while accurate, is kind of odd to see fabric and metal the exact same color. His helmet looks good, but the smiling face seems a tad off since Silver Samurai rarely seems to smile as a character. His chest has the design of the Rising Sun on it and it adds some much needed color. Oddly, the red sun on his forehead isn’t painted red.

The only other burst of color comes from his energized katana clutched in both hands. It’s cast in a dark pink with a wobbly energy field around it. The color doesn’t feel right to me, but Silver Samurai’s powers have been shown in a variety of different colors – but it looks way too much like Bishop’s or Gambit’s powers.

Articulation isn’t as good as it could have been. Silver Samurai has plenty of joints: waist, shoulders and neck but his arms move together and block his neck from doing much. He looks like he’s ready to fight, but he never looks like he’s fighting!

Metal claws make him a supreme fighter!

Wolverine is wearing his Astonishing X-Men uniform that debuted in Astonishing X-Men #25 which was just a cheap way to ride Joss Whedon’s coattails. The suit hits all the right notes for Wolverine – blue boots and gloves, a yellow and blue striped outfit, bare arms and a pointy mask. His left arm is stretched out to the side while his right is clutched in a fist – like he’s ready to impale someone. His belt and X-emblem look great too. In fact the whole figure would be great if it wasn’t for one little thing: the face.

I’m guessing the intent with this figure was to make a Wolverine screaming in fury, but instead of looking enraged, Wolverine looks petrified. His wide open eyes and gaping mouth make me think he’s shrieking away from something. The angle of his neck also makes it so he’s looking down at the ground.

Articulation is mostly good with joints at his shoulders and waist. His neck articulation is completely blocked by his absurdly long jaw. It really looks like it’s been dislocated.

Paint is good and I like the matted shade of navy used which helps make the costume look unique. One odd thing is the fact that Wolverine’s toes are painted light orange, just different enough to not match the plastic which seems like an odd choice since the shade of plastic would have worked fine. His claws are a fantastic silver too.

Pairing up these two makes plenty of sense given Wolverine’s history with Japan, but making sense doesn’t make up for the fact that these figures both have major flaws. Wolverine looks like a coward, and he’s should never look like that (if he does, run). Silver Samurai looks good, but being mostly monochromatic and stuck in a single pose just makes him less exciting than he should be.

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Written by jestergoblin

December 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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